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W&P is a well known Cardiff web design and SEO company. We have a proven track record of designing impressive websites and offering quality (white hat) SEO services. With quality websites being built and designed, with a starting price of £950.00, its clear to see why our web designers are always so busy.


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About us

We haved designed so many absolutely brilliant CMS websites for many businesses that are here in Cardiff and for businesses located all over Wales. We have web designers and SEO consultants who are very highly experienced at what they do, they can design everything from a Majento website through to a WordPress website.

We listen carefully

We listen carefully to what our clients want, we can then offer you many different website options, and collaborate with your business to design an excellent WordPress website.

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About Brooklyn
"Here at this web design company, we think WordPress is absolutely brilliant. This is why we recommend it to so many of our customers in Cardiff.

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Our Service

Our Services

You might be a start-up business, with a clear idea of how you would like your new website to look. Alternatively, you might be an established business, and your website might need redesigning, but you do not know how you want it to look? Do not worry, our web designers can help, we have designed so many websites, for Welsh businesses, we can come up with many ideas, to provide you with some food for thought as to how you may want your new company website to look.

Website design made super simple

If your looking for a web design agency that can take care of everything, from writing the text to adding all of the photos, to choosing which content management system would best suit your business, we can help. We have designed so many company websites, so if you are looking for a highly experienced web design business, come to us. W&P have website designers and SEO consultants, some have over 10 year experience.

Built Super Fast

Some businesses, lets say a company thats about to set up the company in Cardiff Bay may need a website designed fast. Some local PHP web developers may say you have to wait over 3 months to get a new website designed, yet so many people come to us, because we can design most websites in less than a month from start to finish. This does depend if we have everything we need from the client, such as the text, company logo, domain name, yet on average we can design a website from start to finish in less than a month.

Does your business need help to improve its organic SEO?

Some web design agencies just design websites, yet our digital marketing agency also offers SEO services as well. Its a slow process, one which takes a long time to see results, often 6 months of work is needed before the business can notice the impact of our SEO. Yet with that said, we have some of the best SEO consultants in the whole of Wales working for us, so we can build an amazing website for your business, plus, we can also help improve your companies organic search engine optimisation as well.

Why we think WordPress is brilliant

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) globally. Every size of business uses WordPress, from sole traders, such as a plumber through to international global brands.

This is with good reason; it is brilliant and high-quality CMS. Our PHP web designers can design a seriously impressive and will impress your customers. Our websites can be designed and built at the affordable price of £950.00

Businesses from all over Cardiff, and the rest of Wales therefore, partner with us to improve their online marketing.

They may hire our digital marketing agency, to design a website, or you may go the whole hog, and hire us every month to work on your behalf improving your companies organic SEO.

We make getting a website designed for your business as easy as a walk in the park

We deliver time after time for our customers; high-quality CMS websites, and we also deliver quality results for their organic SEO if you hire us to improve your companies SEO.

Why should we choose a WordPress CMS?

Global brands and well-known businesses from across the world do use WordPress.

WordPress is widely used because it is one of the best content management systems out there; it’s being constantly refined, perfected and made better by WordPress developers.

You, therefore, obtain a CMS, which is a bit like a car which is perfected over a long period of time; it’s been perfected, made better and now, the latest version of WordPress is simply brillant.

So, like a fine wine, WordPress has matured, and then it’s been made into a content management system that is absolutely fantastic. This is why thousands of Cardiff businesses choose WordPress.

WordPress is an easy-to-use dashboard, so somebody who can’t even write a single line of code could log into the backend of the WordPress dashboard and make simple edits to say the company address, and make some simple edits, perhaps updating the company phone number or on the “meet the team” page, they could say add a new staff member. Therefore to make a lot of changes, you dont need coding knowledge, you dont need PHP coding knowledge to make a lot of simple changes. This is one of the reasons WordPress is so popular is its simple to use dashboard.

WordPress agency

We can design a fantastic WordPress website for your business, not only can we design the website we have some of the best SEO brains working for us.

Quite simply put a lot of businesses don’t want to hire a web design company, they have to go and find a good SEO agency as well. We can therefore offer SEO services and web design services as well.

We can design everything from a simple brochure websites right through to large e-commerce businesses


Web designers within Cardiff

We have WordPress web developers, designers, that have a lot of experience. They know the PHP WordPress content management system like the back of their hand. They design a fantastic websites for businesses often in a short period, we also offer hosting, and offer ongoing services such as SEO if your business requires help to improve its marketing.

WordPress web design company

Website hosting and WordPress

We can design your website and you might also want to also use our hosting service as well, as the ongoing yearly costs are minimal.

Some web design companies might offer you a low-cost to intially design the website, yet the ongoing costs for monthly hosting may well be fairly high.

This is why so many Cardiff businesses hire us instead, as we charge a flat fee per year for our website hosting.

Our Service
Our Work

Quality WordPress websites that are built fast

Many businesses have come to us because because we can quickly design a new company website for your business.

Some other web design businesses might say that it takes well over four months to design a new website.

However often, our web designers, because there are so many highly talented and highly skilled WordPress designers that work for us, usually we can design a website in less than one month for our customers, that’s from start to finish.

Our Work

Super simple to update

WordPress is very straightforward to update. You can simply click the update button on the WordPres Dashboard and WordPress will then start to update itself. There are also plugins, there are thousands of these to pick from, that the customer may want to add to their website, which are often offered for free.

For example, the customer might want to add a WordPress plugin where you can easily edit and write the meta title and meta description for each page. There are a lot of free plugins on WordPress to pick from, which is another reason why WordPress is so popular with businesses.


Over 80% of the websites that we design and build are built using WordPress

Whether it’s a solicitor’s practice or a large construction company that contacts us, often when we chat with them on the phone, via Skype, or email, we can then quickly ascertain which CMS is best for that business, most of the time we recommend WordPress.

80% of the websites we design and build are built using WordPress.


We have worked with a wide range of different businesses

We have worked with a wide range of different companies within Cardiff, some of these companies are construction company’s, some are solicitors and some are dentists. We have worked with a vast range of different businesses. We can design a website for any company in Cardiff.

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We don't know how we want the website to look. Can you offer us some different design suggestions?

We most certainly can; it is not uncommon for directors to come to us and not have a clue how they want their brand-new company website to look.

Our web designers can quickly develop some ideas after chatting with you. We can then send these design proposals over to you via email.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.