Why we believe that designing a new business website should be a three-step process

June 13, 2024
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June 13, 2024 wandpmarketing.co.uk

Why we believe that designing a new business website should be a three-step process


Date: June/13th/2024

It’s important that whichever web designers that you hire in Wales, that they try to keep the process as simple for you as possible. Even if it’s a very intricate website, for example, an e-commerce website with over a hundred pages which needs to be designed, your web design agency should aim to simplify the whole process so that you feel that you are being listened to and have a website designed exactly the way you want.

There are many web design agencies to choose from. What you don’t want is for a company to railroad you into a design that is so basic that it doesn’t actually communicate or say anything about the services or products that your business offers. Each and every year, thousands of businesses in the United Kingdom choose really cheap low-quality website design companies and often they make websites that are so basic that they often need to be redesigned after a short period of time.
This prompted us to write this article, explaining why we think the web design process should be a three step process.

Set out a clear plan

By setting out a clear plan from the outset, you provide your web designers with a roadmap to effectively follow so that they can help your business to better advertise the products or services that you sell. Each main business offering, such as each service should have its own dedicated page. This approach avoids a common pitfall where services are grouped on a single page, potentially diluting their impact, that making the search engine optimisation (SEO) process harder at a later stage.
For example, let’s say a family lawyer, you might have all the different services grouped onto one page; when you talk to any excellent SEO consultant later on, they will tell you this is a big mistake to have all of your services mentioned on one page.

The point you’re trying to make is that the site map needs to be created prior to your web designers start work on wireframing or designing any the website. Therefore the kettle does need to be put on, nice cup of tea needs to made for the web designers and clients, and you need to draw a sketch of the sitemap.

If the website is relatively simple in terms of the page layout, this could be something as basic as simply sketching out a site map on an A4 piece of paper.

However, this will concentrate your web designers’ and developers’ minds on how many pages need to be designed and what services or products need to be promoted.

Also, before any web design takes place during this initial stage, you need to choose a content management system that is best suited to your business. After discussing with your web designers, you might find that your company wants a Magento website, perhaps a Joomla website, or maybe a WordPress website designed?

Designing a website often involves considering many different factors, such as how you will later improve the organic SEO, the usability (U.X), and how you plan on making the website look brilliant.

Therefore, what happens when you buy an overly cheap website, let’s for £500 or less, is that it’s often its just too basic, the hosting might be slower, and the finished website might not communicate exactly what your business can offer.

Therefore, during the design stage, the web designers needs to often wear many different hats, considering usability (U.X) , speed, and whether that’s likely to satisfy a shopper’s question, that has the content marketing, been written in such a way the copywriter / web designers have thought about Google E-EAT.

Many different skill sets are therefore needed from digital marketing agency; you often need a copywriter, you need an SEO consultant, and you also need web designers and web developers. Thankfully, we have all of these under one roof here at W&P.


Keep on improving

Getting a website designed is only the start; as your business expands so will the products and services you are likely to sell. You will also need extra pages designed, and your business will grow your web designers often need to make regular edits to improve the design of your company website. Not just that, you will also need the help of SEO consultants to monitor things like bounce rate of the homepage, for example, that’s to see if people are leaving your website too quickly?


Web design is an on-going process:

Web design is not a one-time task; it’s an ongoing process. As your business evolves, so should your website. This requires close collaboration between web designers and SEO consultants to refine and enhance the design. Major e-commerce websites and large brands understand this, constantly improving their web designs to stay ahead.

All of these minor changes to the web design can add up to a cumulative effect that can potentially help the business attract many more customers.

Web design is therefore not a one-time task; it’s an ongoing process that requires constant improvement. Many businesses in Cardiff understand this and choose to partner with web design companies for the long term like W&P Web Designs. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that your website stays up-to-date and effective, attracting more customers and driving business growth.


Pick a highly experienced web design agency, choose W&P Web Designs

Whether you’re in the construction industry or planning to sell over 10,000 product lines online via an e-commerce website, our Welsh web design business is here to help your business. We don’t just design your website; we partner with you for ongoing improvements if they are required. Our team includes highly experienced SEO consultants and WordPress web designers ready to elevate your online presence.

We can also offer SEO services and write content marketing for your business. If you are currently looking for Cardiff web designers, then look no further than W&P; we have some highly experienced and knowledgeable SEO consultants and WordPress web designers working for us.

Therefore, if you would like a quote for a one-page website or a 10,000-page e-commerce WordPress e-commerce website, do contact us today.

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