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SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation)


Organic SEO

We work with many different Welsh businesses from diverse business sectors, from leading solicitors to companies in the construction sector.

These companies partner with us so that we can get them onto page one of Google. Therefore, we don’t just design brilliant, well-made websites but can also help your business improve its SEO.

Local SEO

We partner with many businesses here in South Wales, ranging from companies in the Vale of Glamorgan, such as businesses in Cowbridge, to businesses in the heart of Cardiff who also want to improve their local SEO. Sometimes, they want to hire us on a one-off basis to design a PHP WordPress website, and sometimes, they might hire us monthly also to improve the business SEO.

Our services are top quality, and our SEO will always be white hat, which is why many companies choose us.


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About Brooklyn
"We design fantastic websites for Welsh businesses; the starting price is just £950."

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Our Service

Our Services

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Quality SEO that always white hat

Quality websites

We can design a quality website for your business

Local SEO

We can partner with a company and help to improve your company’s local SEO

SEO consultants

f you were to look at various job advertisements, let’s say on Indeed, and you wanted to recruit a highly experienced SCO consultant, then normally, the salary would be high. This is because a good SEO consultant, one that’s worth their weight in gold, can have a transformative effect on some businesses, helping to bring in more sales.

Many businesses are therefore reliant on improving their organic SEO in order to help grow the business.

However, before any business is ranked on page one of Google’s SERP’s, there’s normally a long road to get there.

This is why many businesses need quality SEO work to be delivered by the bucket load. It doesn’t come cheap, as this work is not easy, and involves much effort. Because we have so many highly experienced SEO consultants working for us, our agency however has a proven track record of getting many businesses onto page one.

Top-quality SEO tools

We use top quality SEO tools to assist our SEO consultants, so they understand what keywords they are optimising our clients website for. This digital marketing agency uses some of the best tools available and we strongly recommend using Moz.
Keyword research
We work with well known businesses in Cardiff, and these are some of the most respected companies in Cardiff. Our marketing agency also work with businesses throughout the United Kingdom.
These businesses often hire us to build e-commerce, as well as well-designed brochure websites.
Many of these companies hire us to implement high-quality organic and local SEO for their businesses every month. One of the first tasks an SEO consultant is tasked with is keyword research, we use many different SEO tools to help us with this task.
Our marketing agency has over ten years of helping businesses get under the first page of Google.

We are the full package

For a business to succeed today, it often needs a well-designed website, a team helping to improve its SEO, and somebody helping to promote the business on social media.

If all of this is done right, then the services don’t come cheap, but what can happen is that you can obtain a lot more business and gain more sales.
A lot of businesses in the Cardiff area therefore come to us, for us to improve their website design and organic SCO, and we help them promote their businesses on social media as well.

Organic SEO does take time

Organic SEO does take a long time to start seeing results. To give you an idea of what we mean, you might have had a website designed, lets say a WordPress website and it looks brilliant. However getting a well-designed website designed is just the start. In order to get a business onto first page of Google requires tremendous determination, skill, and effort.
For example, a business when they first get their website designed, it may initially get indexed by Googlebot and placed on page 17 of Google.
The business being ranked on page 17 means, they wont get any calls or emails as the business is no where near page one. However, we can gradually and slowly move your business forwards using best practices and methods in terms of white hat SEO.
Using some of the best SEO methods, we have helped many businesses to get onto page 1 of Google.

Our Service
Our Work

Quality SEO

If you are looking for web designers or a digital marketing agency in Wales, you will undoubtedly want the work completed to a very high standard.

That’s why so many businesses hire us. Here at W&P we design brilliant websites for businesses.

Our work is always top quality, and we always only ever implement white hat SEO.

Whether we are writing the anchor text or perhaps you’re writing a piece of evergreen content marketing for your business, every single aspect of the work will always be top quality and always a white hat.

We work with several well-known businesses in the Cardiff area, we help them to generate more sales every month.

Some of these businesses have partnered with us for a very long time because they know the quality of our work is very high.

Our Work

Quality website built fast

When a brand-new business is setting up, a start-up business that’s based right in the centre of Cardiff, they might want to have a website designed fast ready for when their shop or business opens its doors to customers. This is another reason why so many companies choose W&P Designs, we can design a brochure website with seven pages or less sometimes less than one month.


Why Pay More?

Many businesses choose us because when you get a web design quote, from some web design businesses you will often find that building the main website can be expensive when you add up on the add-on services you will need. Many web design companies charge extra to design a mobile version of the site; they sometimes charge also sometimes a high monthly price to offer business website hosting. For example, managed website hosting can sometimes cost in excess of £75 a month.

However, when you pick our web design business, we can design a fantastic seven-page brochure website using PHP WordPress for just £950.

Within that cost (£950) our web developers will design a mobile version of the company website for free of charge.

We also include one year’s premium fast hosting for absolutely free. The following year, we charge a sensible one-off fee if you wish to continue using our website hosting service.


We build quality WordPress websites

WordPress is suitable CMS for a wide range of different businesses. For example, from solicitors to construction companies within Wales often choose WordPress.

Web Design












We can often build a fantastic and well-designed PHP WordPress websites for any business.

A WordPress CMS can also be turned into an e-commerce website, meaning that your business can also sell products by your website. The vast majority of the websites that we build are brochure websites, yet we can also design e-commerce websites as well.

This is why so many companies within Wales come to us: We design high quality websites at very reasonable prices. Starting from just £950, we can create a fantastic website for your business.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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