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Many businesses in South Wales will be looking to partner with a marketing company that can design a new CMS website and offer a supplementary service to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

We have vast experience helping companies improve their organic and local SEO. Our SEO consultants have over ten years of experience implementing quality SEO.


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Quality Web Design

Before any SEO work is carried out, your business will need a high-quality website. The website must be of excellent quality, and we recommend choosing a content management system you will find simple to use in terms of updating it and making back-ups. For this, you may wish to consider a WordPress website.

SEO Consultants

Once you have fully designed your website, perhaps you have opted for a WordPress website, or another type of CMS, and you might want to partner with a marketing company, such as ours to start improving the SEO.

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About Brooklyn
"We can design a brand-new company website for your business and immediately start working on improving your SEO."

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SEO is a Long Road

What is important to remember is that there is no overnight success in regards to improving a companies organic SEO.

Therefore, there are no quick and simple changes that can be made bring about immediate changes in terms of where your business ranks on Google. Instead SEO often requires huge effort over a sustained period of time.

Therefore improving a companies SEO is a slow process and the work needs to be slowly implemented.

The SEO needs to be high quality and needs to be implemented by somebody who understands white hat SEO.

SEO is very important to many businesses because for a lot of businesses a large amount of their sales comes via organic SEO.

Some Welsh businesses and for many businesses based all around the globe generate 100% of their sales via organic SEO.

If your business is looking to hire a highly experienced SEO consultant / agency, then do contact us today.

Organic SEO

We can work hard to improve your business’s organic SEO. However, do note that it takes at least six-month starting results stop local or your organic SEO.

We can help you to improve your business’s local or organic SEO; yet again, it takes a long period to start seeing results. All businesses, therefore, need to know it can take a long time to get some companies on page one of Google.

Content marketing

We can write blog posts for your business as frequently as every week to help improve your company’s SEO.

High-quality SEO services

If you are looking for a Cardiff web design agency that is capable of designing a brilliant website for your business, then do contact us. We can design a WordPress website for just £950.00. We can also offer our SEO services as well.

What is important to note is that whichever company you choose to help improve your SEO, you do have to acknowledge that it can be a slow process. It can take well over six months to start seeing results.

Content marketing

An essential part of the SEO process is to write and publish high-quality content marketing, such as evergreen content marketing or blog posts. They are written in-house by our copywriters, and we can write these for your business, whether it’s the main page text you need help writing on a one-off basis or you need help writing blog posts every single week or month for your business we can help.

Digital Marketing Agency

Therefore, contact us today if you are looking for a marketing agency that can take care of everything from designing your new company website through to helping improve your company’s marketing and implementing quality SEO.

How can SEO help my business?

We can help your business by improving your business’s SEO ranking factors. Once these are strengthened, they are deemed stronger than some of your competitors, then your business can start to climb Google’s ranks. Our marketing agency can, therefore, help to get your business onto the first page of Google.

This way, you can gain more organic visitors and increase number of sales.

Fixed monthly price

Good quality SEO is most definitely not cheap. The reason white hat SEO, implemented by a good SEO agency is not cheap is because it involves hundreds of hours worth of work to improve a business’s SEO to the point where a business can get onto page one of Google.


Sometimes, in the more competitive industries, such as working on SEO for a law firm, multiple days of work every month need to be spent on improving the SEO every month.


Therefore, there will always be SEO agencies offering super lower prices; however, we here at W&P never aim to compete with these, we instead focus on providing quality SEO that is implemented using white hat methods.

Our Service
Our Work


We have over ten years of experience in learning how Google’s algorithm works and how to implement quality SEO for many businesses so that they rank higher on Google.

We know that Google wants businesses to implement very high-quality SEO work. Anything less, any low quality SEO used and the business will undoubtedly receive an algorithmic Google penalty, meaning it’s completely removed from Google’s index, meaning the company will never appear in Google’s organic results.

Therefore, you want to partner with an agency that offers high-quality work.

Our Work

Hire us to improve your company's SEO

We charge a monthly fee for our organic SEO services; the fee is dependent on how competitive your business sector is.

What we mean by this is often involves more work to get a solicitor onto the first page of Google than it would be, let’s say, a less competitive industry such as a wedding cake baker. Prices therefore vary between £500 a month and £2000.00 a month.

If you would like us to help improve your organic / local SEO, and we have extensive experience of doing this for many businesses, then contact us today.


Organic SEO.

When we talk to many business owners today, they sometimes tell us that they have 100% of their sales are generated via their website via their organic SEO.

Therefore, many businesses rely on organic / local SEO, social media marketing, or Google Adwords to obtain more customers.

The good news is that we can help you with all of these; we can help to improve your business’s online marketing.

We have SEO consultants (white hat) who have over ten years of experience implementing quality SEO.

This is why so many Welsh businesses come to us when they want a brand-new CMS website designed. They also need help to improve the company’s digital marketing they often come to us, as we have some of the most knowledgeable SEO consultants in Wales working for us.


SEO services

Many Welsh companies partner with us to improve your web design and the business’s organic SEO. We offer SEO services, where we can work with your business to get your company ranked higher on

We have helped many businesses to get onto page one of Google. We have worked with a huge range of different companies.

Many Welsh companies like how we make getting a brand-new company website designed so simple.

Web Design












Welsh web designers

Come to us to improve your website marketing and get a new website designed. We have Welsh web designers that have over 10 years experience building quality WordPress CMS websites.

Many companies in South Wales come to us with a brand-new website, whether that’s a Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal website designed by our web designers- we can design all of these.

So,do call our super friendly team, if you are about to launch a brand-new company in Cardiff Bay or another part of Cardiff and you require a new website.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

We welcome you to contact us for more information
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