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Most of our work involves designing fantastic PHP WordPress websites for businesses, yet there are other services we offer such as improving a businesses search engine optimisation.

Our SEO consultants can also help improve your business’s organic SEO; we have already helped get many companies onto page one of

So, whether your business needs help to improve your organic or local SEO, we can help. Therefore, some companies might have a PHP WordPress website designed by us, for say just £950.00 yet months later well still be working on diligently work on improving the businesses organic / local SEO.

We work with many Welsh businesses; most of the companies we design websites for are based in Cardiff.

Our clients find that we make the web design process very straightforward that many businesses want to work with us over a long period to improve the businesses SEO ranking factors, to improve the organic SEO for that company.

We can therefore help any Welsh business to get on page one of Google, and the company obtains more sales. Our prices for our white hat SEO start from just £500.00 per month, prices vary between £500.00 and £7k a month depending on how much work per month is required.

Therefore, many businesses want to partner with us so that we can improve their organic SEO


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About us

We design absolutely brilliant websites for many businesses that are here in Cardiff. We have web designers and SEO consultants who are highly experienced at what they do.

We listen carefully

We listen carefully, we can then offer you many different website options, and collaborate with your business to design an excellent WordPress website.

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Our Service

Our Services

Companies publish millions of blog posts every week, including articles and evergreen content marketing. Some of this work can be low-quality and not help the reader or the business’s SEO. Therefore, articles that offer helpful information that the customer will find useful can help improve the businesses’ digital marketing, too.

Therefore, you must come to a digital marketing agency, understand the products or services the business sells, create excellent content marketing, and promote and advertise those products and services.

We have over ten years of experience doing this and helping businesses improve their SEO.

Complete solution

So many businesses in Wales come to us because we can offer a complete solution to help promote and advertise your business. For example, a company might come to us for our highly talented designers to design a WordPress website. They are often so impressed with the web design and how it looks and promotes their business that they might hire us for ongoing services such as improving the business’s organic search engine optimisation. This involves a lot of work every month to improve a business’s organic SEO.

Therefore, we can offer SEO services and write quality blog posts and evergreen content marketing for your business, which can help draw new customers to your customers.


Once our web design agency has designed a website for you, perhaps you might want to hire a digital marketing agency to write blog posts for you every month. We use the best SEO tools to help improve your SEO by writing quality evergreen content marketing.

You might want it to rank higher in Google’s organic results so we can help you achieve this.

With the fixed-price monthly retainer, you will have some of the best SEO consultants in Wales working on your website.

We will report monthly on how we have improved your website by bringing more organic visitors.

Don’t get us wrong—improving organic traffic to a website is a slow process. Results won’t be generated overnight, in weeks, or even months. Seeing good results from your SEO takes a very long time.

It involves hard work, a lot of skill, and time invested in the website every month to enhance the number of shoppers (organic visitors) who visit it.
Often, after six months of completing work on your local SEO, our customers start to see the results of our hard work. Therefore, we use data from top-quality SEO tools in terms of which keywords to optimise your website, which can help bring more shoppers to your company website.

You often have to be better than your competitors.

Ranking on page one of Google takes a lot of work. You have to prove your company’s SEO is better than your competitors’.

Google employs complex mathematical algorithms to ensure the search engine best answers particular queries when somebody wants to buy a specific product or service.

(Google E-EAT)

The shopper could be looking to buy a component for a car or an aircraft. Regardless of what that business offers, Google would have worked out which businesses it is the best at answering that particular query and delivering the best customer service. So, where your company ranks in Google’s organic results comes down to whether your business is best at answering the shopper’s query (Google E-EAT).

To get a business onto page one of Google is not easy. You must prove to Google and its complex mathematical formulas plus A. I (Google RankBrain) that your business has better SEO than your direct competitors, meaning you should rank higher than some or all of them, depending on how good the SEO is.

Do you wish to promote your business?

There are many ways you can promote your business. For example, you can pay for Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords) or pay a marketing agency like ours to create monthly blog posts to help add quality content marketing to your website, which can help bring in leads.

You can also pay us to improve your local or organic SEO every month. We can also promote your business on social media; for example, you could grow many followers interested in your company’s products or services on Facebook or Instagram who may buy products/ services from you because of promotions that you place on your company’s social media accounts.


Even after you’ve written a piece of evergreen content marketing and gained some organic traffic to that page, you may notice the bounce may be pretty high.

For those who do not know, the bounce rate is expressed as a percentage. It is assigned to each page or blog post, and you can find this information in many SEO tools.

The bounce rate simply tells you how many people visited a site and then left immediately after visiting that page.

So, if somebody comes into a clothes shop, looks at one garment, and then walks back out the door, you’ll wonder why they didn’t browse other items.

Therefore, the digital marketing agency’s job is to constantly refine the work to improve it, reduce the bounce rate, and increase the number of organic visitors coming to that website.

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OUr Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below
and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.

Our Work

Local Web Design Companies

When looking for a local web designer here within Cardiff, you can pick from hundreds of local web design companies. There are some large digital marketing agencies, and a lot of web design freelancers in Cardiff, so there are many companies to pick from. However, many businesses come to W&P as we have such a strong reputation for designing high quality websites at an affordable price.

Many people choose our web design agency because we simplify the whole web design process.

After a brief conversation with the company’s directors or the businesses marketing team we can often develop different ideas for your business in a short period of time.

We can then submit a web design proposal to you, whether it shows the wireframe layout or a detailed proposal showing what your website could look like once our designers have completed it.

Once approved, our busy web designers / web developers will get hard at work designing your brand-new website whether that’s in Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. If it’s a seven-page brochure website, it may take less than a month to design, this is another reason why so many Welsh businesses hire us, as we build amazing websites fast.


Quality PHP websites built by highly experienced web designers

We can design a website for any business, ranging from dentists to solicitors; many companies come to us because they know we have highly experienced and excellent PHP WordPress designers working for us.

We simplify the whole web design process because we understand that business owners often do not have the time to liaise with their web design company over endless e-mails, phone calls, and meetings in order to obtain a new website for their company.

Usually, they want a web design agency like W&P Designs to help simplify the whole process, and start coming up with ideas and proposals so that they can be quickly approved by our clients.

Then once approved our websites are often designed in less than one month from start to finish.

We have a strong reputation for building quality websites fast. We look at what features your business needs, how many pages you want, and the best content management system for your business- whether it is Joomla, WordPress with Woocommerce plugin, or perhaps Drupal- and we can recommend the best CMS for your business.

We then email or phone you, and once you approve our designs, our highly talented web designers will quickly implement these changes to your website and start to build a brand new website for your business.

Therefore, when you want a quality website built quickly, come to our Cardiff web design agency. We have web designers creating well-designed WordPress websites for over ten years.

Therefore, when you want a quality website, come to us.

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Many businesses in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, once they’ve met our web designers and seen the fantastic, well-designed PHP websites we design, may well be interested in the supplementary services we can offer – such as our organic and also local SEO services.

Many businesses, therefore, want to partner with us, so we can improve their organic and also their local SEO and we can help your business to get onto page one of Google. We are not just therefore a Cardiff web design company, as we can also help improve your businesses SEO.

We have helped many Welsh businesses to grow their companies; we have taken businesses that have never had a website. Our highly skilled web designers have then designed a quality WordPress- perhaps those businesses have hired us to started working hard on improving their organic SEO, and we have then managed to get those companies thousands of visitors every month. We do this by improving our customer’s local or organic SEO services.

Our organic SEO services start from just £500 per month, but the monthly price might be higher depending on the level of competition in your business sector.

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SEO consultants

We have worked with many Welsh businesses to help them generate more sales, we do this by working on improving the companies SEO. It is a long road, yet we can help companies to get onto page one of Google, there they can obtain more sales.

We have SEO consultants who fully understand white hat SEO methods and are extremely good at what they do, we can offer your business organic SEO and this will help your company to obtain more sales.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.