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When I talk to any good web design agency today, they will tell me that it’s essential to consider the UX, that is, the website’s user experience. Businesses want to do is ultimately reduce the overall bounce rate on each page. This means the number of people that visit the website believe more or less in just a few seconds, for example. But designing an excellent website offers a good UX, user experience, and how to retain shoppers on your website for longer, which is one all businesses will want to do.


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Well designed

Therefore, businesses that approach us within Cardiff in Wales want a quality website built that also looks amazing. The companies that contact us on stand-out, overly cheap websites are often a waste of time because they are two basics. Therefore, they hire us because they want quality websites that are well-designed and well-built, so they come to us. With prices starting from 950, our website offers fantastic value.

Websites plus copywriting

Whether we are designing a CMS brochure website or perhaps we are designing a brand-new large e-commerce website, we have copywriters in-house. Our copywriters are highly experienced at what they do, so whether they are writing a product description or wording for a main page, they ensure that the text is high quality and well-written. The last thing you want is to hire a web design business that uses duplicated text, as this can massively damage any business’s SEO from the get-go.

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About Brooklyn
"Here at W&P, we build brilliant websites at great prices; we can design a seven-page brochure website for using WordPress for just £950."

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User experience

It is essential to consider the user experience when designing any new website for a business. This must be integral in the planning stages of how the website looks and works. A digital marketing agency must therefore work hard to reduce a company bounce rate, this number of shoppers which leave a website straight away. Good web design therefore means holding the shopers interest for longer, which can positively impact the number of sales a business makes.

For example, you can have a rather brilliant and impressive design, but it might be rather minimalist design, which shoppers may find challenging to use; in terms, the customer may not be able to find what they want quickly, causing the business to incue a super high bounce rate. This can negatively impact the business seo; this is why UX and user experience need to be very much part of the website design and should be considered carefully before the design and build stage.

We can offer a complete marketing solution

There’s a reason why so many businesses in South Wales email and call our sales staff every single week. That’s because all under one roof, we have highly talented web designers and really highly skilled SEO consultants. The two services are separate, so you could hire us to design a one-page website for your business. Many Welsh companies hire us to improve their SEO and gain more customers online.

Some directors tell us that they primarily advertise their company through SEO, and for some other businesses, 100% of their sales compiler organic SEO. So, if you’re looking for a Welsh web design agency that can offer quality website design and SEO services, you come to the right place.

We have a large amount of experience designing WordPress websites

Our highly talented web designers and developers have designed many different WordPress websites for businesses. We design WordPress websites for construction-related businesses, people in the legal sector, and e-commerce businesses.


We can, therefore, design any type of website, and we offer affordable prices, starting from just £950.

Look and feel

Often after a few email exchanges or phone conversations, we will obtain a good idea of how you would like your website built. If its a more complex than at a large e-commerce website, and often, several meetings might be needed.

However, if it’s a website for a small business, for example, say you run a plumbing and heating business, its layout should be pretty straightforward. We will just need to talk to us about how you would like it to look, the branding, and the colours used.

Our highly talented designers can then turn around a rough idea of how the website could look, so we are sending these visuals to you for approval, then our designers, can design the website.

How our web design process works

Once we understand how you want the website to look, we send visuals of how your new website could look.

We then integrate that feedback into the design stage. If it’s a WordPress website we are designing, we aim to turn this around in less than a month. Sometimes, it might take slightly longer, depending on how many pages need to be incorporated.

We then design the website. If you have hired us to provide our copywriting services, then we can do this simultaneously. We then send the draft design to our clients for feedback and integrate any needed changes to your company website.

At this point, the website is not live online; it is on a temporary domain. Once approved, we can put add your website to your selected domain (website address) then we can simily switch the website live.

You will obtain login details for the login area dashboard, depending on which content management system you select.

Ongoing work

Many of our clients also hire us for ongoing work; that is, they hire us to improve the business’s seo, and they might hire us to manage their social media as well.

Our Service
Our Work

Highly experienced web designers

some of our highly talented, skilled and clever web designers have over ten years of experience designing WordPress websites for various businesses. They, therefore, know the WordPress dashboard like the back of their hand.

Our Work

Built-in Wales

when you hire our web design agency to design a brand-new website, it will be designed and built here in Wales. Many businesses then hire our SEO consultants to continue doing further work to improve the business’s organic SEO.

Quality website starting from £950
we offer a website starting from 950 for a brochure website that offers fantastic value for money. What’s included in this quote is that you also get a mobile version of your website, which many web designers charge extra to design.


Experience working with a lot of Welsh businesses

We have vast experience working with a large number of Welsh businesses, designing excellent, well-built WordPress websites. We have designed quality brochure websites, and our web designers and developers can also design e-commerce websites.


High-quality CMS websites design for £950

If your company website needs to be redesigned, or perhaps a brand-new business setting appears in Wales, and you need a website designed quickly, we can offer prices starting from £950. £150 for a brochure website; we can also create e-commerce websites starting from £1950. Our website is well-designed and well-built here in Wales.

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User experience

Why you need to hire website designers carefully consider user experience

It could be argued that today, people have shorter attention spans than ever. For example, people on social media are often bombarded with various advertisements, and our attention spans are limited; they usually don’t spend too much time considering each product or service presented to them. You might be given an offer for a shirt, the next moment, an exotic holiday and then as you scroll down more, perhaps you are presented with an advertisement for some craft beer to be delivered every month to your doorstep.

If we were to do so, carefully consider each advertisement presented to us, let’s say one web driving down the street, we would get overwhelmed. Billboard advertising, advertising on the sides, as vehicles with various logos and offers written across the vehicles, for example, can be perplexing and too much for many of us.

Therefore, when people shop for a product or service, they want to instantly decide whether to purchase from a company or not. That means that we web designers and developers want to create a stunning and impressive website that grabs the shopper’s interest straightaway. The website can get a tremendous bounce rate if we do not. As a result, when you get a good web design agency or SEO consultant, they will tell you a high bounce rate is not for SCO.

Therefore, you need a well-designed website that grabs the shopper’s interest, and you do this by offering a good user experience and designing the website really well.

This is why many businesses across Cardiff and also Wales come to our web design to recreate stunning and impressive websites that will impress your

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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