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WordPress, A very high-quality CMS


If your website needs to be completely redesigned, then why not talk to our team of web designers today?

Perhaps you run a business within Cardiff and want a brand-new website designed for your company, perhaps you have started a new company in Cardiff Bay? Well, do call us; we have some WordPress PHP web designers who have over 10 years of experience designing high-quality websites.

We have highly experienced PHP website developers working for us here at W&P Web Design.

We offer to build a fantastic website for your business; our prices to design one of our high-quality content management systems (CMS) is £950 for a 7-page website. Often, we can design a 7-page website in less than one month.


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About us

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used globally.

We listen carefully

Regardless of your business type, we are able to build a quality WordPress website for you.

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About Brooklyn

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We adore WordPress

WordPress is constantly improving, evolving, and getting better. It’s an open-source platform, which means that some of the best developers in the world contribute to producing WordPress plugins and improving the content management system’s coding through WordPress updates.

Because it’s constantly evolving and becoming better, it’s a fantastic, high-quality content management system.

A piece of cake to use

Trust us, we have used many other content management systems, and time and time again, we only recommend WordPress to businesses.

Often, a lot of Cardiff businesses call us for a website redesign of thier content management system, as they now want quality website built. Some businesses will have therefore purchased CMS’s which are difficult to use, and might be riddled with various glitches.


The company, therefore, comes to us because they want a quality website that looks absolutely brilliant, and works as it should. As many businesses in Cardiff are aware, sometimes, with content management systems, they can be plagued with problems such as various glitches, which sometimes make some web designers a small fortune fixing these errors continuously.

Would you like to get a WordPress website designed?

Whether you’re a large conglomerate business employing hundreds of solicitors or a small business, we can design a WordPress business website for you.

We can create a completely bespoke design or a template to accelerate the web design process. We can cater to most businesses’ budgets, so when people need a website designed in Cardiff, they chat with us.

Web design

We will listen carefully to how you would like your website designed and create a brilliant, eye-catching website. Our customers are simply over the moon when you see the finished design, often they will instantly say how fantastic the website is and that it perfectly suit there needs. Plus, because we have copywriters, highly experienced WordPress web designers will aim to turn your website around as quickly as we possibly can.


Here at WP, we have web designers who have been designing websites in Cardiff for ten years. They know how to build quality websites and can often offer advice on which CMS we recommend your business purchases. Often within just a few minutes of chatting to our designers, they can recommend a CMS (Content Management System) for your business.

We are huge fans of WordPress; most of our websites are designed using this, as our web designers believe its a brilliant CMS that our customers find very easy to use. When it comes to website development, you need to hire a marketing agency with a lot of experience, so do call us.

Marketing Services

Our business can also offer marketing services. We have been working with various companies, some for over eight years to improve those companies SEO. We have therefore been working continuously improving their search engine optimisation to rank better Google; this is an ongoing service which our clients pay for every month.

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Our Work

Why do we often recommend WordPress CMS websites to our clients?

When most businesses contact us to get a website designed or redesigned, we often recommend WordPress. But why is this so?

The simple answer is that it’s one of the most commonly and widely used content management systems worldwide.

It’s popular because it’s open source and has been around for such a long period of time. This is perfect; it’s excellent, and it’s also very simple to use.

Some web designers in Cardiff offer content management systems, a dashboard that can seem daunting when you log into it. It can be confusing, and the layout can be challenging to understand; making simple changes can be hard work.

However, on the WordPress dashboard, log in to Piece of Cake to make simple changes, such as changing the text, digital title, and alt text.

This is not the only reason why we recommend this content management system. We also recommend it because you can create stunning, really impressive websites. Some of the world’s biggest instantly recognisable brands had their websites designed using WordPress.

They chose it because they recognise it as one of the leading brands in content management systems.
We recommend WordPress to our clients, which is why this website is designed using It and why we recommend it 80% of the time to our clients in the Cardiff area.

Our Work

Why our web developers highly recommend WordPress

With a starting price of just £950, we can design a WordPress website for your Welsh business. In a short amount of time, our web developers can design a brilliant website. Our web designers have a huge amount of experience designing WordPress content management systems. If you want to set up an e-commerce business, they start from just £1950, offering amazing, absolutely fabulous value for money.


WordPress comes with a dashboard that is super simple to use

Let’s say you have your WordPress content management system for the next ten years. During that time, you’re likely to change your company phone number, perhaps your company address, or even the wording of some of the main pages.

Now, you might be thinking that you need to hire a web developer every time you need to change the phone number on the website. However, with a WordPress website comes the dashboard; log into it with your email and password.
Line: You are greeted with a simple dashboard interface. Click on pages, and then click on the page you wish to edit.

Then, you can change the wording. They may be a plug-in, which is what is called a builder. These are super simple to use and allow you to edit the text without any coding knowledge at all.

If you are looking for local web designers who can design a website with a dashboard where you can log in to make simple changes, then I recommend WordPress.

If you’re looking for WordPress designers in Wales, contact us today.


we can meet the web design process, and it is an absolute piece of cake

When we talk to many business owners, we often know they are busy running the day-to-day activities. Therefore, they usually haven’t got the time to write text or to be heavily involved in how they want the website to look. Thus, many businesses hire us because we can design an excellent website with minimal input, write the text, and send you your wireframes or a rough sketch of how the website can look before fully developing it.

This allows us to build a quality website for you in a relatively short period of time. While some web designers within Cardiff might spend longer meetings and limited time designing websites, we can build and design a very high-quality website in a short period of time.

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quality e-commerce and WordPress brochure websites

When businesses across Cardiff, manufacturing companies, retail, the service sector, and charities want a brand-new WordPress website designed, they often turn to us. With massively experienced PHP web developers, we can design a WordPress website for your business.

We design excellent websites, and your customers will find them very simple. Therefore, whether you’re a car dealership or perhaps your boat will be a brand-new solicitors practice, and you need a website designed, then contact us. Some web designers do take forever to create a website, which a lot of businesses like; we aim to get to know your business quickly, and then we can draft and go over a proposal so that you can have a look at the outline of an idea that we have put together.

We believe that a website shouldn’t take forever and a day to design; we know many businesses want to move apace, especially if a start-up business is created and a brand new website. Therefore, we aim to design and build most websites in under one month; if it does take over this timescale, we will stipulate this in our quotation.

Therefore, if you need a high-quality WordPress website designed by highly experienced Cardiff web designers, visit our web design agency.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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