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Content Marketing

So, let’s say you are about to launch a new company, it’s a brand new brand, and your about to start your business here in Wales. Let’s say that you already run other companies, so you might not have the time to write for your new website let’s say over 7000 words of text.

This is why so many businesses come to us in Wales, when they need a new website, that’s because we employ copywriters. We have copywriters with over ten years of experience of writing blog posts, evergreen content marketing, and the main pages for new websites.

By hiring our copywriters, we can often build a brand-new company website a lot faster for your business. The reason for this is that the PHP web developers working for us can design the website, and our copywriters can write all of the text that’s needed. When they work together, they can complete the website a lot faster.

If we were to wait for some clients to write all of the text needed for their new website, this could sometimes take many more weeks to complete the design because they might be too busy to write say 7,000 of text that’s needed by our web designers. Sometimes, we wait for the company directors or the marketing team to send the text needed to complete the website, and this can therefore add many weeks on to how long it takes us to complete designing the website.

So, by hiring our copywriters, we can write the text for you, helping you save time.


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Organic and Local SEO

You might hire our digital marketing agency to complete the organic SEO work. We charge a monthly price for this work, our SEO services start from £500.00 a month. So we can write all of the main pages for you, and then improve the business’s SEO every month if your business requires this service.

Main pages

We can write all of the text on the main pages for your new website. We have experience working with a wide range of different businesses, ranging from construction companies through to solicitors.

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About Brooklyn
"We can design a brand-new WordPress website for your business, and write all the text you need if you want us to as well."

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Content marketing

Writing content marketing is your chance to explain precisely why customers should buy your products or services.

It is also about demonstrating that you have extensive knowledge of the products or services you are selling.

This knowledge must be written into guides, blog posts, and evergreen content marketing to help customers know which product or service is best for them.

Many Welsh businesses hire us to write content marketing or design a new website. W
You might also want to hire our highly skilled and talented copywriters to help write and publish blog posts on your website. This work is used to improve the business’s organic SEO.

We can write the text for you.

Whether you have a one-page website designed or over 100 pages, we can write the text for you for an additional price. Therefore, we can write all the text for you, saving you time. So, if you’re setting up a new company or start-up business, perhaps you’d like us to write the text for you.

Copywriting services

Many businesses, therefore, are having a brand-new website designed. They are only looking for a website designer who can write the text. Sometimes, this can be a huge undertaking, especially when selling various products which require product descriptions. We can write all of this for you for an additional fee.

Ongoing seo copywriting services

Many Welsh businesses also want us to write blog posts for their company every week, which helps to improve their seo. This is an ongoing process; therefore, a monthly retainer needs to be set up for us to do this work.

White hat

What often separates the business in Cardiff on page 1 of Google from a competitor on page 3 is how well the content marketing has been written.
Google’s algorithm assesses whether the written work is good quality, and then Google decides where that page or blog post should rank.
For example, if the page is very high quality and well written (Google E-EAT), then Google may rank it on page one of Google. If it’s written in a way that makes it clear the author doesn’t really have much of an idea what they are talking about, it’s likely the page will rank nowhere near the first page of Google.
Therefore, some written work (content marketing) can help to improve the business’s SEO; on the other hand, if the work is low quality, it could damage the business’s organic SEO.

Working with you every single month

We work with various companies in Cardiff that ask us to write content marketing every month for those businesses. We don’t use A. To create this content marketing, we have highly experienced copywriters who manually write our work.

Well-written content marketing + a well-designed website is a winning combination

Many Welsh businesses hire us simply because we can design a fantastic, well-designed WordPress website.
In addition to our web designers designing a brilliant website, we can add high-quality content marketing to your website every month. This written work will describe perfectly what your business is about and the benefits of the services or products your business offers.
We will work hard to understand your business’s unique selling point. For example, you might have a company director with over 35 years of experience. This means you have a vast amount of knowledge about your business sector, which will be conveyed on your company website.

Helping your customers

Some of the world’s leading brands; know that today’s website is not just about promoting your products or services.

A company website is about writing content marketing, such as evergreen content marketing, that is massively helpful to your customers. By helping your customers, by writing helpful guides, whether that’s how to change the oil on a car, or remove a wine stain on a shirt, you are helping your customers.
By doing so, you are creating brand awareness, and brand loyalty.

Helping your customers to solve problems

Before a shopper commits to buying a item that’s likely to be a considered purchase, such as a new washing machine, they will likely have different questions that might need to be answered.

Therefore, if your content marketing accurately answers questions your customers frequently ask, then stand a much better chance of selling more products or services, because you are helping your shoppers.
Somebody might ask what the most energy-efficient washing machine for example, and if your company might produce a comprehensive article explaining the benefits, so you are helping the customer find an answer to their question. By being helpful, they may well buy that item from you.

People often buy with their hearts.

Sometimes, people don’t pick a business purely on price alone; they like to hear the back story of a company, including how the company has grown into the business it is today.

Is there a company director who is hugely passionate about innovating a particular product or service?

Have you got the patents on a product that makes your product unique? Have you won awards that make you stand head and shoulders above your direct competitors?

Good web designers understand these selling points; they will make sure these selling pointts are added to the website, clearly communicated to the customer, to help you to sell more products.

Resonate with your customers

If you pick the wrong marketing company, the written work might read as just “marketing waffle” to the shopper.

The person might start feeling sleepy reading through it, and then decide to go to one of your competitor’s websites instead to buy a product.

If, on the other hand, you pick an excellent digital marketing company, they will go the extra mile to understand your business and your customers; they want to answer any questions they often ask fully and offer helpful advice to shoppers.

Eat, sleep and repeat

Writing and publishing content marketing for a business doesn’t ever come.If you do stop, the new competitors are likely to keep moving forward and publish content marketing; perhaps every week.

Business that therefore don’t keep up with writing high quality content marketing, may start to move down Googles results.

Therefore, Google often needs to be constantly fed high-quality, well-written work content marketing.

This is why many businesses in the Cardiff come to us, to get a quality website built and for our copywriters to write the blog posts every month.
We will add to your website high-quality content marketing, we will write high quality informative, helpful articles that will help to improve your companies seo.

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OUr Work

If you’re about to start a new business, let’s say, an e-commerce website, then you might have easily over 100 pages that you need designed. Your new website might have a lot of product pages to be designed, a lot of main pages, and a lot of blog posts that need to be written. Sometimes, businesses write all of text our website designers need in-house, yet for an additional fee, we can write all of this work for your business.

You might want to hire us to write the text for the main pages when your website is being designed by us.

However, many businesses also hire us to do ongoing SEO work every month to improve the business’s local or the company’s organic SEO. Prices for this service start from £500 per month for our SEO services.

Our Work

It's essential that your business has high-quality content marketing

If your business wants to improve its SEO, or you want a website where your customers find the information you have written helpful information, then the content marketing needs to be high quality.

This often involves hundreds of hours of work to write all of the text for a new website, sometimes on some websites it can take our copywriters, many weeks to write all of the text for our web designers to add to the website.

But considering that this can mean the difference between your business making a sale or shopper going elsewhere to another business, it is well worth putting the effort in writing high quality evergreen content marketing for your business.

Therefore, the text needs to be high-quality, well written, and original. It can’t be duplicated text, and if it is copied, then this will damage the business’s organic SEO.


Content marketing

We can write content marketing for your business; whether your business needs high-quality, well-written blog posts written each week, or perhaps you require well-written evergreen content marketing with over 10,000 words written, we can help. Our copywriters here in South Wales will be able to help you.


White hat

You might not know what we are talking about when talking about the term “white hat”, but it basically means that the text that is added to the website needs to be original as well as well written. If it is duplicated text, then this can mean that it can damage the business’s organic SEO, so you need hire website designers that add white hat text to the website.

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Quality website design and white hat organic SEO

Therefore, so many businesses in Cardiff e-mail and call us to build a quality website for them because we can take care of the whole web design process. We can also design the entire website as for you, and write all of the text as well, we can even design a new company logo for your business.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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