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Web Design Cardiff

W&P is a Cardiff web design company. Here at our web design agency we design amazing websites for our clients, with prices starting from just £950.00.

We are also a digital marketing agency with some of the best SEO consultants in Wales working for us. Therefore whether you just want a new website designed or help as well with improving your SEO we are here to help.


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Web Designers in Cardiff

We design absolutely brilliant websites, we have PHP WordPress web designers, who have experience of designing websites for over 10 years. We also have SEO consultants who are simply highly experienced at what they do, this is why so many people choose W&P Web Design.

We listen, then we design amazing websites

We listen carefully, we can then offer you many different website options, and collaborate with your business to design an excellent website that will look simply brillant.

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About Brooklyn
"We design amazing, well-built WordPress CMS brochure websites, that have a starting price of just £950. If you are looking for “Cardiff web designers” on Google- well look no further than us we have designed countless amazing WordPress websites. SUCCESS!"

Cardiff website designers
Our Service

Website designers here in Wales

Perhaps you are about to launch a brand-new company, lets say a new company that’s being set-up in Cardiff Bay. Alternatively maybe you have run a business in Cardiff city centre for over 40 years; and you now want to hire our designers to redesign your company branding and design a fantastic website for your business? We can help, we can design a quality website, often in less than one month from start to finish for just £950.00.

Website design

Web designers in Cardiff. Our highly skilled and talented PHP website designers can design, build, and we can also host a brilliant WordPress website for your business. Our websites will showcase your business’s products or services brilliantly.

Websites SEO Hosting WordPress

We can design a brilliant, well-designed website to for your company, we can also offer superfast hosting. We can offer website hosting well well known hosting companies such as SiteGround.

Here at this web design business we primarily build WordPress websites, our designers can also integrate WooCommerce into your WordPress website as well if you wish to sell products. Our web designers can design any type of website, for any business, we can work with start up companies through to large multi-national companies.

SEO & Online Marketing

We have some Cardiff best SEO minds working with us. We are leading the way in advising many businesses on how to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) and we can helping to promote their products and services and gain more sales. We use very high-quality SEO tools, such as Ahrefs and the latest white hat methods and apply our quality SEO methods to our clients’ websites. SEO packages start from just £500pm.

When it comes to web design first impressions matter

Our highly skilled PHP website designers will design a fantastic-looking website for your business. With our web design prices starting from £950.00, we offer some of the best web design prices in Cardiff.

Your brand new website will also be tested extensively before we hand the website over to you, to ensure that each aspect works and performs as expected.

We can create highly impressive designs that will impress your customers.

Website development, we have web designers with over 10 years experience

Here at W&P, we have highly skilled PHP WordPress web designers who have been designing websites in Cardiff now for ten years.

They know how to build quality websites and can often offer advice on which CMS we recommend would suit your business. We have worked for well known brands here in Cardiff.

Often within just a few minutes of chatting to our web designers, they can recommend a CMS (Content Management System) for your business.

We are huge fans of WordPress; most of our websites are designed using this CMS, as our web designers believe WordPress brilliant CMS that our customers will find the website we design very easy to use.

When it comes to designing a quality website at a great price, you need our web design company.

Websites designed for mobile

You only got to stroll through a busy shopping arcade in Cardiff on the weekend, to see most people are glued to their smart phones as they walk down the busy street.

Therefore, businesses today must have a well-designed mobile version of your website or your company could be losing sales.

We can design a brillant website for your company, we always include within all our web deisgn quotes, for the website to also be designed with a mobile version of the website.

We can design responsive websites that work on any screen size, so it will work on the latest Apple I-phone through to a Samsung tablet which will have a bigger screen.

Website Marketing & SEO

Once a website is fully designed and finished by the web designers, this is often only the start of the process and not the finishing line. What we mean by this is many companies choose not to just have a new website designed by us, but to also partner with us over the long term so we can improve the companies organic SEO.

To get any businesses onto the first page of Google takes a huge amount of work and hardwork, so no business should expect results in a short timescale.

 SEO is therefore a long process, yet we experience of helping many businesses to get onto page one of Google.co.uk.

We, therefore, partner with many Welsh businesses and companies in England to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) each month. We can offer monthly prices starting from £500 pm for our SEO services.

Our Service
Our Work

Why should we choose your web design agency?

So, lets say you’re about to get a brand-new company website built, well, there are thousands of businesses located throughout Wales that you could select- so why should you choose us?

Well, simply because we build well-built WordPress content management systems, with prices starting from just £950.00.

We also have highly skilled SEO consultants, which means if you want to partner with us, each month we can also implement quality white hat work to improve your businesses local or organic SEO.

The reason why so many businesses also pick us, is because we have already built websites for a huge range of different companies. We have worked for many companies in Wales, and a lot of our web design work comes by way of recommendation.

We have worked therefore for a wide range of businesses, ranging from companies in the legal business sectors right through to large construction companies. We can design a quality CMS website for your business.

Our Work

Are you looking for web designers within the city of Cardiff?

One of the reasons why our digital marketing agency is often selected, is because we can take care of everything for your business- from designing the WP website through to working with you each and every month to improve your SEO.

Our marketing company therefore doesnt just build websites, we also offer copywriting services, and SEO services as well.

We can also offer premium high quality website hosting, we use both A2 and SiteGround website hosting. We can also register your domain name for you as well.


Don't settle, choose a well-designed quality website

Each and every month, businesses across Wales, get drawn in by web design agencies offering really low prices to design basic websites for thier company.

However the end result could be a really simple and basic website, that’s not much use the business over the long run. The website might be so basic, its a bit like a business card, it does not offer much information, it might just be too simplistic.

This is why many businesses come to us instead, the reason for that is we can design a well-designed company website, our starting price also starts from just £950.00.

We use WordPress and we have highly talented and experienced PHP web developers- so your business will be obtaining a well designed website, built using one of the worlds most popular CMS.

Our websites are intricate and well-designed when shoppers see that it will instantly be impressed by the finished design.


W&P synonymous with designing high quality websites

We originally started helping businesses just to improve their organic SEO as a stand alone service.

Yet we seen increasingly so many businesses that would be sold basic or just absolutely rubbish company websites.

We understand that businesses these days want to improve their organic traffic, but to do so they will need quality website build as the strong foundation.

Because we seen so many businesses in Cardiff being sold low quality websites, we thought setup a web design business of our own, that’s exactly what we did, and we formed W&P.

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High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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