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Website hosting

When looking for a web design company, you should consider hiring a business that offers fast hosting. stop having high-quality website hosting is crucial if you want to go on to improve your business’s SCO. You want slow hosting, which can damage your business’s organic SCO. Our business can, therefore offer high-quality premium hosting; when a website is designed by our web developers, we offer the first year free


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Quality website hosting

When you pick our company, whether we are designing an e-commerce website or a brochure website, we can offer free hosting for the first year.

This can sometimes save the customer significantly, because some web designers often charge more than £50 per month for hosting a company website.

Low-cost hosting

After the first year has expired, we can offer you website hosting for a fixed fee per year, which is offered at a very low price.

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About Brooklyn
"We can design a website for your business and also offer fast hosting. We can also design a brochure website, that has 7 pages or less for £950."

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Our Service

quality websites design from just £950

We design excellent websites, yet the staff is just £950. This fee includes having a mobile version of your website designed and built. We also often offer the first-year website hosting company free of charge. When you consider that some web designers charge quite a hefty monthly fee for website hosting, you will save by picking our web design agency.

Therefore, if you want quality website design with affordable hosting, why not give us a ring?

Fast hosting

When you choose our web design company in Cardiff, we can offer you superfast, good-quality website hosting.

Hosting + Web Design

Some web designers charge quite a high monthly fee for website hosting. However, we charge a fixed fee that’s payable per year.

What our web design business charges for website hosting is very low; that’s one of the reasons why so many businesses come to us for their website designed.


Website designed and hosted for £950

We can offer WordPress Website Hosting

When clients come to us to have their WordPress website designed, they often want us to manage the hosting as well. Our web design agency can design or redesign your company website and also offer hosting.


Our web design company is a one-stop solution for all your website and marketing needs.

We can design your website, provide super fast website hosting, and even enhance your business’s organic SEO on a monthly basis.

With us, you can be confident that your online presence is in capable hands as we have been designing WordPress websites for over 10 years.

Our web design agency can offer your business a full range of marketing services.

Right from the start, we can work with you to get a quality website built for your business, but once the process is complete, we can also help improve your companies SEO.

We can start improving your businesses marketing on an ongoing basis, if you would like to also hire us to do this work every month. It’s important to remember that organic search engine optimisation requires constant work every single month, and our highly skilled marketers can offer quality white hat SEO.

Long-term partnerships

We are well aware that many companies now offer low-cost web design services. Some of  these web design companies churn out websites as fast as the product is produced in a factory on a production line!

However, we know that many businesses realise that their website is often their most powerful marketing tool. Therefore, they want quality, they don’t want something that is rushed, or doesn’t accurately reflect what the business offers.

At our web design agency, we believe in offering quality over quantity.

We take the time to produce brilliant WordPress websites that accurately reflect your business’s services or products.

Our goal is to create long-lasting partnerships with our clients, built on trust and the delivery of our high-quality services.

Quality website hosting

When you come to us to get a WordPress website designed, we then use hosting that is suited to WordPress websites.

We don’t charge a monthly hosting fee like some website designers within Cardiff. We charge instead a yearly fee, which is very low. Therefore, this allows you to get a quality website designed and also to have low-cost website hosting.


Web design, copywriting and website hosting

Many businesses within Cardiff, therefore, e-mail or call us every week because we can take care of everything from designing the website, through to offering SEO services. We can design the website, write the text, and offer website hosting, and unlike some web designers who charge high monthly fees, we charge a fixed rate per year for website hosting that is offered at a low price.


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Our Work

Quality website hosting

We often recommend SiteGround for our website hosting. We have been using SiteGround for a long period of time and we think its a brilliant hosting company.

Our Work

Quality websites

Our customers, therefore, can choose their own hosting company if they would prefer. Many people often have us design the website and use our hosting as we offer hosting at a low cost. This is because our hosting service is very competitively priced. We don’t charge a high monthly fee, which some website designers charge between £50 and £70 per month; we instead charge one fixed fee per year, which is low for website hosting.


We build quality websites fast

Another reason so many businesses in South Wales call us to get their website designed by our team, is because our web designers can design a company website quite fast. Usually, we design a WordPress brochure website that has seven pages or less often in less than one month.


Fast website hosting is essential.

When you talk to any good digital marketing agency, they will tell you that it is important today to have fast website hosting. This can help improve your business’s local and organic search engine optimisation. We often use “Siteground” hosting, they supply our web design company with fast hosting for our customers. Therefore, if you are looking for web designers within the Cardiff area who can offer fast website hosting, then why not call our web design business today?

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Fast website hosting

When a company director thinks about us having a website design redesign, they often think about the overall cost. Therefore, web designers pay a flat fee to design a WordPress website. However, you do have to carefully consider other aspects of design, such as whether the website design company offers superfast hosting.

You also have to consider the cost of this website hosting because sometimes, buried in the fine print, some web design agencies can charge quite a lot for their website hosting, which might increase over time. The first year might be free, yet any monthly fee might be taken automatically via direct debit, which is quite a lot. The company was to have the website live for, let’s say, seven years
The hosting fee can sometimes be pretty considerable regarding how much it costs.

Therefore, you need affordable website hosting, let’s fast, and offers a fair price, and that’s precisely what we offer, whether web design for an e-commerce or a brochure website.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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