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We design excellent websites here in Wales

We have worked for a large number of brands and well-known companies here in Wales.

We can offer to redesign or completely design a brand-new CMS website for your company.

The vast majority of the websites we build each month are built using WordPress. Our WordPress websites a well-designed, they look excellent and with starting price of just £950.00 its clear to see why so many Welsh businesses hire us to design thier website.

We can design a brochure website, which can be designed using WordPress, and the starting price for a WordPress content management system is £950. We also design excellent e-commerce websites these have a starting price of just £1950.


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E-commerce websites with a starting price of £1950.00

We can design a brilliant WooCommerce website for your business. Perhaps you’re intending on selling just one single product, such as aftershave online, or your business may have over 10,000 different products you wish to sell, our PHP web designers can design an amazing website for your Welsh company.

WordPress websites starting from £950.00

We can design a quality WordPress website for your business, with a starting price of just £950.00.

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About Brooklyn
"If you are about to start a new e-commerce business or perhaps you need a site redesign, then do talk to our website designers today. We can design amazing e-commerce website (Woocommerce), which are well designed, built fast, and cost just £1950. We even offer the first years website hosting for free. "

Cardiff Website Design
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Woocommerce / WordPress web design Cardiff

E-commerce can also be integrated into any WordPress website, allowing businesses to manage and sell various products online quickly. Therefore, adding Woocommerce is a simple way of converting a WordPress website into an online e-commerce business

E-commerce website Website design

We can design a unique and well-built e-commerce website for your business. Our web design company is based in Cardiff, Wales.

Whether you sell ten products or 10,000, we can build a quality e-commerce website for your business, prices start from just £1950.00. Perhaps you would also like to use WordPress CMS, which offers easy to use content management system, so you can simply log and make simple edits to your website at a later date if you so wish to.

Local web designers

If you’re looking for local web designers, a company that can fully design and build a brochure website or perhaps an e-commerce website, we are the business a call. We have a vast amount of experience building high-quality CMS websites. We have worked for dental practices, lawyers through to construction companies. So, if you run a business in Cardiff, South Wales, or perhaps further afield, why not call our web design business today?

User experience

Just as shoppers expect a luxurious and well-designed shop, your website should create a positive and lasting impression. Our years of experience have taught us how to create websites that do just that. We’ve built some truly amazing websites for Welsh businesses, and we can do the same for you.

E-commerce websites

We can, therefore design a quality  e-commerce website for your business. Prices for us to build a quality E-commerce website start from just £1950.00.

Perhaps you want a brochure website built to show to the world the services /products your business can offer.

Our brochure websites start from just £950.00.


Cardiff web agency

Businesses around the globe use WordPress and Woocommerce for one simple reason: it’s straightforward to use and fantastic websites can be built using WordPress CMS.

Woocommerce is a brilliant addition to your WordPress website; it can help you to simply add products to your website.

And as your business grows and the number of products that your business increases, so can simply add more products to your WordPress website.

If you have a WordPress website integrated with Woocommerce, it is also an absolute piece of cake to modify, improve, and add content marketing, such as adding a new product description to your website, which can help improve your business search engine optimisation (SEO) if the work is white hat.

SEO search engine optimisation

Having a great-looking website designed, but not improving your SEO, is a bit like having a supercar built that doesn’t have an engine.

Sure, it looks great, but it cannot go anywhere fast.

This is the same with a new company website, without SEO improvements being made to it, the business is likely to surface on page 10 of Google.

However, we have super talented, highly experienced, and knowledgeable white hat seo consultants who can help get your business on page one of Google if you wish to hire us also to improve your companies SEO?

Digital Marketing

Therefore, our business offers the complete marketing solution, we can design a new website for your business, we can also offer to write the content marketing and improve your companies organic SEO if you want to hire us for our SEO services.

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why hire our web developers?

Our web design agency designs both e-commerce as well as brochure websites. We design quality website starting from just £950 which offers absolutely amazing value for money. An additional fee we can also write all of the text for you as we have copywriters in-house.

Our Work

Built at page

There are some web designers and web design agencies which spend forever in the day building and designing a website.

With that said, at our web design agency we can build a new website for your business quickly, because we have highly experienced web developers and web designers working for us.

We have so much experience designing PHP WordPress websites, we can build a new website for your business quickly. Most websites we build are built in less than 3 weeks from start to finish, when it comes to web design, thats fast.

We have many highly experienced web designers building our websites, they can build a website quicker than some other marketing agencies here in Wales.


E-commerce websites starting from just £1950.00

All of our WordPress e-commerce websites are built right here in Wales, and they look absolutely fantastic.

Our web developers will aim to design your website as fast as possible for you- most of our WordPress websites are built in less than one month. If you are about to launch a brand-new company here in South Wales, you want your website up and running as soon as possible then talk to our website designers today.

We can take care of everything from designing a new logo through to designing e-commerce websites, as well as writing all the content marketing for you.


We can design brochure websites for any business (prices starting from just £950), and also build what is called e-commerce websites (prices starting from just £1950).

Whether it’s a brochure website or an e-commerce website, can also offer to write the content marketing, for each page. Therefore we can write everything from the product descriptions through to the wording of the main pages.

We can also offer a price to optimize the website using SCO. This helps a business to generate more sales. For SCO we would need to offer you a bespoke quote, as it is based on how competitive your business sector is.

Web Design












E-commerce website.

Here at W&P we design and build quality e-commerce websites, which are built right here in Cardiff, South Wales

Perhaps your starting an exciting new brand, or perhaps an established business operating in Cardiff for over a hundred years, and has now decided to have new e-commerce website designed for your business?

We will take the time to get to know your business and design an amazing website, with prices starting from just £950.00 its clear why our web designers are always so busy. We can design a stunning, well-designed website for your businesses.

As any good web design agency should tell you, whether it’s a brochure website or an e-commerce website, it’s more important than ever to get a well-designed website because you will want to reduce the bounce rates and increase the dwell time for your website.

What this basically means is that if a website is not able to hold a shopper’s interest for a prolonged period of time, this basically increases the bounce rate substantially- this can damage your companies SEO.

So, a super high bounce rate, say on the homepage, well thats a very clear indication to the search engines that many shoppers are disinterested in the website.

This could be because of multiple reasons, such as the price point of the items, but it can also be because the web design is difficult but rather hard to use.

As any good web designer in Cardiff will tell you, you have to balance getting a really good, well-designed website built by a Cardiff web designer and also make sure that it offers a good user experience (U.X).

A well-designed website can mean that the bounce rate is kept lower across many of the pages, this can help improve your companies SEO.

We have designed many e-commerce and brilliant brochure websites for many Welsh businesses. Therefore, if you want a quality website built at an affordable price, contact us today.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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