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More often than not, most businesses these days gain the majority of sales online, that’s often via the company website.

Some Welsh business directors we talk to get 100% of thier company sales online. This is why you need to hire a top quality Cardiff web designer. This is why so many companies come to W&P we design amazing websites for our customers.

We simply design amazing WordPress PHP websites.

If you would a quality


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Website design Cardiff

If you are looking for local web designers who design websites in Cardiff, who can design a brand-new website for your business quickly, then do contact our web designers today.

Whether it’s a WordPress brochure or an e-commerce site we are designing, we can often build most new websites quickly. Most websites we design and build are finished in less than one month from start to finish. With a starting price of just £950, it is clear why our web design team is always busy building high-quality websites for many Cardiff businesses.

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About Brooklyn
"We can design a brilliant website for your business using WordPress. The starting price for one of our WordPress websites starts at just £950."

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Our Service

Local Web Designers

We fully appreciate that when you want a new company website designed, you will want it built fast; you will want a high-quality website built by highly experienced web designers.

This is precisely what we can offer you; we will keep the process simple and help you at every stage when our web designers are designing your website.

After you contact us, after a short period of time, one of our web designers will send across a proposal for you to consider. After you approve the design or the wireframes, our designers will then start to design your new website fast.

That’s why when many Welsh companies need a website designed, they come to us here at W&P we are highly experienced web designers.

We have designed many brilliant, high-quality WordPress CMS websites. We can also build brochure websites and high-quality Woocommerce / WordPress e-commerce websites.

We design fantastic websites

We can create a unique website for your company, your charity, or perhaps it’s for the public sector. Websites are well-built, well-designed and very simple to use. Also, take care of the whole process from start to finish. This means we can offer our copywriting services to add text for you. We can also provide videography and photography services, and we can add pictures and videos to your company website as well.

Cardiff web designers

You might be shopping around various web design agencies. However, do come to us because we have highly experienced web designers. Some of our PHP web designers have more than ten years of experience building quality, well-built WordPress websites for various Welsh businesses. These websites are built relatively quickly, well-designed, and offer excellent prices.

Don't pay over the odds.

Whether building an e-commerce website stocking 10,000 different items or a simple one-page website for an event that could be happening in Cardiff city centre, Wheels offers very affordable options. Our prices are more than affordable to most businesses, so we cater to start-up businesses right up through large enterprises that require more intricate websites to be designed.

brilliant websites

We create brilliant websites that are superfast, well-designed, and offered at sensible prices.

Our websites will impress your customers. The vast majority of them are designed using WordPress, one of the most popular website platforms used by businesses worldwide.

Well-designed websites from a well-known web design agency in Cardiff. A well-designed website not only impresses your customers but also enhances your brand’s credibility and user experience, leading to increased conversions and customer retention.

web design agency

Hear in Cardiff; our web design agency can offer you a wide range of digital marketing services.

These can range from creating a WordPress website to working with your business every month to help improve your business’s search engine optimisation (SEO).

We are, therefore, not just a web design agency that creates WordPress websites; we can also enhance your business’s organic search engine optimisation as well.

Web design + SEO

We think you should partner with a web design company that understands how improve your businesses organic seo as well.

If you want to get your business on the first page of Google here in Wales, it’s a long road, and it takes a long period of time. Also it involves a large amount of effort building and links and improving the on-page SEO. The most important thing to start off with is that the websites are well-designed, such as getting well designed WordPress website built.

This will give you the foundations to build everything else on top of.

It’s really important that websites look brilliant and that your customers find them easy to use. In digital marketing, we describe this as the U.X of the website or the “user experience”.

Any good web designer should ask questions such as ‘Is the menu easy to use?’ and ‘Does the page clearly communicate the advantages of owning that product or service? ‘. A positive user experience can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

Plus, as any good web designer knows, its important to have a well designed website, to help lower the bounce rate.

Compelling content

It’s absolutely essential that when you have a website designed, whether it be WordPress or another type of CMS, the content marketing should always be well written. We have copywriters who can write the text for you, helping you to save time.

Tailored for SEO

We design our websites with SEO in mind. If you wish to partner with us, we can also improve your businesses seo, we can offer you a fixed-price monthly retainer to do this work.

However, it’s worth knowing that search engine optimisation is a long road. The website is likely to land when it is first designed by our web designers on page 10 of Google, so it takes considerable effort and often quite a while to get any business to get to page 1 of Google.

Thankfully, however, you will be picking an agency that has a huge amount of experience designing and building websites and then getting them on page one of Google. We are most definitely not going to be the cheapest option to do this in Cardiff, because we use the best seo methods, which are massively time-consuming. Therefore, our monthly retainer needs to reflect this.

However, businesses that partner with us know that we only implement top-quality seo. So as well as designing a brilliant website for your business using WordPress, we can also help  to get your company onto page one.

Our Service
Our Work

web design agency

Are you about to embark on setting up a brand-new business within Cardiff? Perhaps you have an established business and need to redesign? Contact us at an affordable office. We have some of the most highly experienced WordPress designers in Wales working for us. We design absolutely brilliant websites at affordable prices.

Our website is very high quality, and they also have high-quality content marketing added. If you want to write the text, he was well?

Therefore, these businesses come to our web design agency, as we have a lot of experience designing high-quality bespoke and template WordPress websites. These websites are very high quality, and it will take time to get to know your business and ensure you obtain a fantastic website that will impress your customers.

If you would like this additional service, we can also write the text for every single page. This can help you save time. We can also offer low-cost website hosting and register the domain name for you.

If you’re looking for local web designers who can create either a brochure or perhaps an e-commerce website for you, then why not come to us? We work with a range of different businesses, from the legal sector through to construction. We build absolutely amazing websites, and we can build these quickly at an affordable price for your business.

Our Work

Our web designers have a vast amount of experience designing high-quality WordPress websites.

If your business is based in Cardiff and you want a well-designed WordPress website designed, you should come to us. For just £950, we can design a brilliant CMS website for your company and even offer free website hosting for the first year.

Therefore, our web designers have designed websites for a vast range of different businesses here in Cardiff. This ranges from solicitors through to well-known construction companies within Wales.

Therefore, if you would like a well-designed website built for the very low price of just £950, why not contact our web design agency today?


We don't know how we want our company website to look yet

Well this is no problem, our web designers can help you to design an amazing website for your business.

You might initially think that when you contact a web designer, they will expect you to have an clear idea and vision for how you would like your company website to look?

However, some businesses that we have worked for, don’t know how they want their website to look at all, that’s when they first call us. This is no problem at all because our highly skilled web designers will be able to present you with many different options, so we can offer your business different designs to pick from.

After a quick chat, we can understand what services you wish to have mentioned on a new website and which products. Then, we can start to come with different ideas, to see how you would like the new company website to look.


We have already built many CMS websites for Welsh businesses.

Contact us if you are looking for a web design business, that has already designed many websites for Welsh businesses.

We have vast experience working with dentists, solicitors, and Welsh construction companies, as well as with a large number of other businesses as well.

Therefore, if you are looking for highly experienced web designers, we are the web design company to contact if you need a website designed in Wales.

Web Design












Our high-quality websites are designed right here in Cardiff, South Wales.

Whether your business is based in Roath Cardiff, or perhaps your business is based in Cardiff Bay, we can help your company by designing a high-quality website that’s designed quickly, and we offer very competitive prices.

Our websites can get designed and built for just £950.00

Many companies within the city come to us because we build quality PHP and WordPress CMS websites, whether e-commerce Woocommerce websites or brochure websites.

We can create a seven-page CMS website for just £950. Whether it’s spring, autumn, summer or winter, you can see why our web designers are busy designing quality websites for many Welsh businesses throughout the year.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

We welcome you to contact us for more information
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