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W & P is a Cardiff web design company, we are also a digital marketing agency. We have a proven track record of designing impressive websites and offering quality SEO services.


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We design absolutely brilliant websites for many businesses that are here in Cardiff. We have web designers and SEO consultants who are highly experienced at what they do.

We listen carefully

We listen carefully, we can then offer you many different website options, and collaborate with your business to design an excellent WordPress website.

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About Brooklyn
"Our websites work brilliantly on all smartphones such as Android and all I-Phones"

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Responsive Web Design

Why it’s so important to have a responsive website
in one coffee shop alone, in the city centre, you might have some shopping on an Apple MacBook laptop. In the following seat, you might have somebody using an Android smartphone. In the corner of the shop, you might have somebody using a tablet byproduct using a different operating system again.

The screen sizes can, therefore, differ massively today. Consequently, you need a web design company to build a responsive website. A website that can work on a range of different devices, that the website automatically slaps that size screen. That’s precisely what we can build for you.

Purchasing items on the move

Many people today are time-poor, so they don’t have much time to shop around, resulting in the need to buy what they want quickly and conveniently.

Therefore, your website must work perfectly, be superfast, and most deftly have a mobile version. The website design should also consider that people are likely to buy products on the way home from work, say on the trail, during lunch hour on their phone, or using a tablet on the sofa in the evening. Therefore, some businesses can massively increase their sales through mobile devices.

Therefore, they come through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and a smaller percentage of sales are made on computer desktop devices. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a well-designed desktop and mobile version of the website.
It’s also essential that the mobile version of the website work very easily so that customers can quickly, easily, and conveniently purchase a product or service.

Buy quality

Smartphones can vary massively in quality; some would argue that you pay and get what you pay for. This is the same as web design; cheap websites might be basic, clunky and slow.
A super sharp website built by us will be responsive fast and add a lot of detail so that customers are more informed about the products or services they purchase.

Android and iPhone

You want a responsive website that works perfectly on Android and iPhone devices; you want to work on both these operating systems and, of course, the Windows desktop operating system and Apple operating system. We can, therefore, design a fantastic website that works on these devices.

How we design responsive websites

From designing the slider to the footer of the website, I will ensure that the website is well-designed. We also offer copywriting services; this saves a lot of companies a considerable amount of time because we can have our WordPress web developers build a stunning website and, at the same time, have copywriters write the text. In contrast, some web designers might take months to build a website. We can, therefore, make it in less than a week for some businesses.

Websites navigation

When people walk through a park looking to purchase a product or find a local company, their hands might freeze, and they are simply looking to buy a product quickly. Therefore, the main menu is easy to use and promptly takes the shopper to where they want to go.

Large e-commerce businesses have this down to a fine art. They might stock hundreds of thousands of products, and with a few simple clicks, you can often get to the product category you want. This is good web design. It’s not just about making your website look brilliant, well-designed, and professional; it’s also about making it easy for the customer to use.

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Responsive website design

When you look at a lot of people on their way home from work, often see them sitting on trains and buses, or whilst they walk along the footpath that they are glued to using their smartphones. Many people buy products on their smartphones because it’s so convenient to do.

So on that hour-long commute home on the train, they might purchase the products or services they need whilst on the move.

Now, this is why your company must have a mobile version (responsive website) designed, but it is equally as important that the mobile version of the website is super simple to use. The mobile version of your company website, must be simple to use, and offer a good U.X. If the mobile version of the website is not simple to use on a smartphone, such as an Apple iPhone, you might be losing customers as they may leave to visit a competitors website, that they may find more simple to use.

For example, if an e-commerce website, doesn’t allow the shopper to figure out whether those trainers they want to buy are in stock or not. Well, they may leave to a competitors website, who guarantees say next day delivery.

A customer might go elsewhere to buy the product because it could be something like the main menu that isn’t that simple to use.

So you have to pick web developers / web designers to design a responsive website that works on Android / Apple phones, but it also has to be very simple to use.

Our Work

Works on smartphones and tablets

Numerous statistics say that roughly over 50% of shoppers are now buying products and services they need from their smartphones.

So, will you want the mobile version of your company website to be responsive and super simple to use. You need to hire the right web developers and web designers to create a website that is simple for your customers to buy products.


Responsive well-designed websites

When you contact some web designers within the Cardiff area for a quote to design a responsive website, many businesses don’t realise that many web developers charge extra to design a responsive version of the website.

A responsive website simply means that the website will work on smartphones and tablets. So often, you get a quote from many website designers, to design a desktop version of the website, and then an extra charge to design a responsive mobile version of the website.

We know that all businesses across Cardiff will want their company website to work on smartphones and tablets.

So as all businesses will need this, at our web design agency we don’t charge extra for designing a mobile version of the website; we simply incorporate it into our quote.


We build responsive and AMP websites

Therefore, if you are looking for Cardiff web designers who can design a website that works straightaway on tablets and smartphones, then call us. We build responsive websites, and we can build AMP websites as well.

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Why it's essential that you have a responsive website built

Many people contact web designers to get a web design quote, and they might be initially impressed by the quote offered to them. However, when you add in everything a business will need, such as the mobile version of the responsive website that works on tablets and smartphones, when they had in the hosting the domain renewal costs, then suddenly having a website designed by some companies can prove rather expensive.

That’s why many companies in Cardiff come to us, and in the Vale of Glamorgan, they come to us because we offer them very fair and transparent costs. For example, when we offer a quote for a WordPress website or another type of CMS website, we always include a fee within a quote to design a mobile version of the website. We know that all customers will want this to be don’t exclude. This allows the director to work out which cost is better for them. They don’t want to compare web designers’ quotes to look like a local supermarket shopping list. Often, the directors will wish for a precise cost to understand what is included in the fee.

Often, when you are designing a brochure website, let’s say for £950, we include within that the cost to create a responsive and mobile-ready website. We also include three free years of premium web hosting within that quote. Now, some web designers and developers charge a flat monthly fee for this service, which can sometimes be over £100 per month. Adding this up over the years can be expensive and prove rather a lot of money.

Many companies come to us instead because we offer clear, transparent pricing. We design a WordPress website. Included in that, we will create a mobile version of the website that will look fantastic. It will work on Android, iPhone, and all types of tablets.

We can, therefore, design an e-commerce website and a brochure website. All of them will be responsive, so as soon as they open up on an Apple iPhone, they will look amazing. We also carefully consider the user experience; for example when somebody is on a Samsung Galaxy mobile that runs on Android, they will open up one of our websites, and you will see that the main menu is easy and really simple to use.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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