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Bespoke website design

W & P is a Cardiff web design company, we are also a digital marketing agency. We have a proven track record of designing impressive websites and offering quality SEO services.


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About us

Our web design business can design , high-quality CMS website for your business. We have WordPress web designers who can design quality, well-made websites for any company.

We can design a bespoke WordPress website for you, starting at £2000, we have other WordPress options avaliable from £950.00. E-commerce websites will cost more, with a starting price of £1950.00. Because our web designers are so highly experienced, they can design bespoke websites relatively quickly.

The vast majority of websites we design and build are built using a content management system called “WordPress”.

WordPress is a high-quality CMS, we recommend it to most of our clients, whether it’s a brochure or an e-commerce website we highly recommend WordPress.

We listen carefully

If you are, therefore, looking to get a website designed or perhaps you’re looking to get your company website redesigned, why not contact us? We have vast experience building WordPress websites for various businesses. We also offer copywriting services to write all of the text on your website if this is required.

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About Brooklyn

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Our Service

Website Design

We can also design high-quality bespoke websites, which are designed entirely from scratch, these start from £2000.00.

We can use wireframes, when designing a bespoke website, which are used to build brilliant websites for businesses.

Many businesses within Cardiff want bespoke high quality websites built, so that they can specify exactly how they want the website to look. How highly skilled web developers can build a bespoke website for you.

Bespoke web design

If you’re looking for a web design company that can create an amazing, well-built website for your business quickly, contact us. We can build your website using a wide range of different content management systems and have created websites for several businesses.

Affordable websites

Your business might be brand-new or just set up. Therefore, you’re looking for a competitive price for a company to build a high-quality website. You might know the content management system you want to use; you might know you want your WordPress website. Well, we can do this for your company. You can offer a competitive price to design a unique, well-built, simple-to-use website.

Fully designed and built

Some companies within Cardiff want us to take care of the whole web design process; that is, they want us to write the text and do the content marketing. They want us to design the website entirely. You might also want to hire us for our photography services. Therefore, we can design an excellent website, handle all the coding and design, and create a brilliant website for your business.

Why choose our website design agency?

Some businesses might want a new website designed rather quickly, that’s to say they could be a start-up business and need a website straight away.

Some other companies might be happy to wait that bit longer to obtain a bespoke website designed by our our web designers.

A bespoke website can sometimes take over six months to design a bespoke e-commerce website.

As we will need to constantly refine and improve the website design, while seeking feedback from the customer.

We can work with your business to design a brilliant website that looks impressive.

Responsive website design

You need to have a company website that works perfectly on different types of smartphones and tablets.

Also your company website must work perfectly on different operating systems, for example on Apple or Google’s Android operating system.

Shoppers might therefore be using an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Phone to buy products from you; you need a website that is responsive. This basically means, it works perfectly on phones and tablets. Our web designers can also design an AMP version of your website, if you would like one designed.

So, whether someone is looking to a buy a rather tasty woodfired pizza locally or they looking to find a local solicitor, your business is going to need a website that works on different smartphones and tablets. Our PHP web developers can design a mobile version of your website.


In today’s fast-paced world shoppers expect that a company website will be super quick and simple to use.

This is why our web design company only uses high-quality website hosting.

For example, we often recommend SiteGround website hosting, as its really good quality.

A website that is superfast has many search engine optimisation advantages, but the main reason you want fast website hosting is to offer a good U.X.

Our Service
Our Work

Bespoke website design

Businesses within Cardiff, South Wales, come to us to get amazing websites built quickly. Plus, because we can design a websites with a starting price of just £950.00, its clear to see why our Welsh web design agency is always so busy.

Our website designers work with many start-up businesses, through to large companies.

Often, they want to hire us because we design brilliant websites and can also take care of writing content marketing as well for an additional price.

You may also want to hire our digital marketing agency to complete ongoing work, for example, to improve your companies SEO.

We can design a high quality CMS WordPress website for your business, with a starting price of just £950.00. The vast majority are built in the CMS known as WordPress. That said, we don’t just build WordPress websites; we also create websites using any content management system that you would like, such as Drupal or Majento.

We, therefore, build very high-quality websites. We make these for many Welsh businesses, but as our company grows and develops more websites, we are also increasingly building websites for different companies further afield.

Customers often give us feedback. We make the web design process very simple for them; usually, they need to concentrate on other areas of their business, especially if it’s a start-up business. It can be buying office space, they could be going on having meetings with suppliers, for example, they could be doing is interviewing staff. They like that they can leave the web design process with us, and we can take care of everything from local design to building a website and writing content marketing.

We can, therefore, design a bespoke website for you if you want to create one that can take care of all the wireframing, but that’s for a large e-commerce website or perhaps a one-page brochure website. We design many websites for Cardiff businesses, and our customers are often amazed at how quickly we can turn around work. This is because our web developers and designers will swell SCO consultants who are very highly experienced in what they do.

If you would like a quote, then why not call us they

Our Work

Web design agencies in Cardiff, South Wales

If you are looking to get a CMS website designed, whether its a Drupal, WordPress or Majento website your business needs, call us today.

Or perhaps you’re looking to get your company website redesigned, why not contact us? We have vast experience building WordPress websites for various businesses. We also offer copywriting services, thats to write all of the text on your website if this is required.

All of our websites are built and designed here in Wales

Often company directors want to pick a local web design company- for example a marketing agency thats based in Cardiff.

Picking a local web design company makes perfect sense, its much easier to meet our clients.

Also, you might want to hire our SEO consultants as well, to help improve your local and organic SEO on an ongoing basis. This does require a monthly fee, prices for our SEO services start from £500.00 a month.

We partner with many businesses within Wales to help improve their SEO. Please note that this is an additional service that can be purchased seperately from hiring us to design a new website for your business.


We can also offer SCO services.

Many businesses within Wales will want to hire a web design agency that offers organic and local SEO services- thats exactly what we can offer.

Many businesses, from large E-commerce businesses to local companies, such as solicitors, hire us to help to improve the seo.

We can help you with the service.

SEO is a monthly service; we charge a fixed flat rate fee per month, prices start from £500.00 per month.

Our monthly fee is worked out on how competitive your business sector is. We can improve your organic or local SEO each month to help you gain more sales and enquiries, prices start from £500.00 a month.


website design The website redesign

When we talk to a lot of company directors here in Wales, they say the primary way they promote the company is that most of their sales come via the company website. For some companies 100% of business comes via the companies organic SEO on Google.

Therefore, you must have a well-designed website that has a low bounce rate. The bounce rate is simply the percentage used to describe how many people land on the website and how many leave without visiting another page. If you want your company to rank on first page of Google or Microsofts Bing, then your SEO company should work hard to reduce your companies bounce rate. One way to do this is improve the websites design and U.X (user experience).

You’ll, therefore, want a website that will retain shoppers for longer (dwell time). We design brilliant websites that are well-designed websites, that have been built for just £950.00. Our websites look absolutely amazing. These help to keep shoppers on your website for a long period of time, so why not call our sales team today?

Web Design












Affordable web design

We offer to build quality CMS, a content management system website started for just a minor ££950.

Our e-commerce website then starts at 1900p.

All of our websites are designed and built here in Wales. We can design an absolutely amazing website for your business.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.