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We have built many websites for many companies in Cardiff

W & P is a Cardiff web design company, we are also a digital marketing agency. We have a proven track record of designing impressive websites and offering quality SEO services.


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Websites Designed from £950.00

We have designed so many quality websites for many Welsh businesses. The reason so many companies hire us is simple, we build quality, well built websites which have a starting price of just £950.00

Cardiff and beyond

The vast majority of the websites we design each week are for businesses in Cardiff. Yet as our web design agency grows and expands, we are working for more and more companies in England and Scotland.

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About Brooklyn
"If you would like a new website built for your business or your existing company website redesigned, do call us today."

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Our Service

Our Services

We have worked with a wide range of different businesses, most are based right here in Cardiff.

We can offer both a website redesign or to design a brand-new website for your business. The vast majority of the websites we design each and every month, roughly around 80%, of the websites we build are built using WordPress CMS. We can design a WordPress-quality website that includes the first years website hosting for free or for £950.

What is Wireframing?

Designing a wireframe is a bit like your web designers creating outline sketch of your website
could look like.

If you’ve never had a website designed for a your businesses, you might not have the foggiest idea of what they’re talking about.

Well, quite simply put wireframing is simply designing an outline for the website, such as where the pictures will be laid out on the page, where the text will go and where the main menu will go.

Built fast

Our web designers will aim to build your website as quickly as we reasonably can. Most of our websites we design in Cardiff, are built in less than one month.

We have web developers who have a huge amount of experience, and we have web developers with over ten years of experience. working for our web design company They know how to make a new website relatively quickly and efficiently.

Web designers here in Wales

When building a website, many people want to pick a local business that is perhaps less than 10 miles away. This is because meeting up and discussing how you would like your website constructed is much more convenient. So, if you want to pick a local web developer or web design agency, why not contact us?

Website designers and web developers in Wales

We make obtaining a brand-new, well-designed website for your business super simple to obtain. We understand many business owners in Cardiff want to get a website designed as quickly as possible. We offer a design brochure website that looks amazing and starts at just £950 and often we can design these in less than one month.

How much does a new website cost?

Our web designers / PHP web developers can design a brochure website with seven pages for £950.

If you like a more intricate PHP website designed with more pages, perhaps you want an e-commerce website designed; we can also design and build an WordPress Woocommerce website, with a starting price of just £1950.00. We have other packages available as well. With all of our websites, we can offer a starting price of just £950, and this includes one years free website hosting.

Websites designed for mobile

Many businesses see how we making getting a new company website straightforward and simple for our customers. These businesses then often want to partner with us to improve their organic seo, or local seo, so the company ranks higher on Google.

This does require a monthly retainer, which needs to be paid every month, starting price for our SEO services is £500 a month. All businesses need to know that SEO is a long-term process.

It can take more than six months to start seeing results from your organic SEO. However, we have worked with many Cardiff businesses, a wide range of different companies, to improve their seo and help those companies to rank higher on Google.

Our Service
Our Work

Quality websites which are built to impress

When somebody is shopping around online to purchase a product or service, they often make a decision on whether they want to buy that item from you in a matter of seconds.

Therefore, if you do hire the wrong web designer and design a website that looks a bit, well basic well you could possibly be missing out on making those sales.

This is why so many businesses in Wales come to us. We can build a website fast, and it will look impressive and brilliant, helping you promote your business. The best part is that we can offer you a reasonable and affordable price to build such a website, with our CMS websites starting from £950.00.

If you want a quality website built by a Welsh web design company, then do give us a ring today.

Our Work

Why do you recommend WordPress?

Different website designers and web developers recommend different content management systems to their customers. We have been recommending WordPress to our customers, for a very long period of time.

Some web design companies often recommend different CMS, because they have experience designing websites using a particular type of CMS. We simply choose WordPress and recommend it to so many different businesses as well, simply because it is used by millions of companies worldwide.

It is not, therefore, a new type of CMS. Its not a type of CMS that has come out with the need to prove itself; instead, WordPress has been around for a very long period of time, and millions of companies worldwide use it.

It’s super simple to use; we can offer to design and build a WordPress website for just £950, which includes the first year’s hosting for free.


Built fast

Let’s say you are about to start a brand-new company in Cardiff Bay or in Cardiff’s city centre and you need a website built fast.

Your company will want to start trading as soon as possible, so we need a new website live as soon as you can and that’s why so many Cardiff businesses hire us.

When you call around some local web designers, and they say it will take over three months to design a new website.

However, at our web design agency, most WordPress websites we design and build can be designed in less than one month from start to finish. This is another reason why so many businesses pick us, as we design WordPress websites super-fast.


We offer the first years website hosting for free

Another reason why so many Cardiff businesses hire us is because for the first year, we offer free website hosting.

Some freelance web designers or web design agencies can charge a fixed fee for website hosting every month (sometimes the cost can vary between £40 and £100 per month sometimes)

The cost of website hosting can add up over the lifetime of your company having a website easily costing the businesses thousands over the duration they have the website live.

Our business is different. We can offer the first years website hosting for free, and then after that, we charge a low flat yearly fee. We offer some of the lowest-cost website hosting in Wales.

Web Design












We design very high-quality CMS websites, all of which are built here in Wales.

We specialise in building WordPress brochure websites, and we aim to design these websites quickly as possible for our customers.

Often, our customers in Cardiff can obtain a well-designed CMS website designed and built by our web designers in less than one month.

Our copywriters can also write all of the text and content marketing for you if your business would like this service. We offer a low price to write the text, as well as designing a new website for your business.,

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

We welcome you to contact us for more information
about any of our products or services.