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High quality logo design

Many people contact us to get a brand-new website built. Often these are start-up businesses, so they require a brand-new company logo to be designed as well. We can create a brand-new logo for your business. We aim to design logos quickly, so we can make a logo and build a new WordPress website quickly for your business.


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We can design an amazing logo for your company

We can design a company logo for your business. We can design or redesign your company website, plus we design a brand new logo for your company.

Logo Design

A lot of businesses within Cardiff hire us to design a website, write all of the text, plus to design a company logo for the company. We can therefore design a brand new WordPress website for your company, we can also design a new logo for your business as well.

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About Brooklyn
"If your business needs a new company logo, then do contact us today"

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Logo Design

Every day, when we are say walking down the street, to go to work, we are bombarded with various company branding and logos. These could be on the side of a bus, they could be on a billboard advertising, they could simply be a logo on a drinks cup.

Some company branding does resonate with us and, therefore, stay in our consciousness for longer- us marketing companies, refer to this as generating “brand awareness”. Some company logos are simply unmemorable and thus get forgotten a few seconds after seeing them.

Here at W&P Designs we are committed to creating and designing brilliant logos for our clients.

We will aim to get to know your business as much as possible, we will design a company logo and a set of designs for your approval, that really communicates what your brand is about.

It’s true that we only get a few seconds to make a positive impression on people, whether in person or through company branding, such as billboard advertising. Therefore, you must choose the right digital marketing company within Cardiff, this is why so many businesses come to W&P, which can help you achieve your business’s perfect branding.

Logo design

Your business, here in Cardiff, South Wales will want an absolutely fantastic, well-designed logo- we can get a brillant logo for your business. You want your company logo should stand out and look absolutely amazing, and you want it to be memorable. When you think about your logo, when its placed on your company van or car, you want the logo to stand out, people will see thousands of logos daily, so your logo must stand out from the crowd.

We can design a logo for your business.

We can design a high-quality logo for your business quickly. Often, we design the website and then add the logo to it.

High-quality graphic design

Therefore, contact us today if you want a graphic designer to design a logo for your business.

We get to know you

Shoppers judge products and services often just a few seconds; they make a quick decision whether that product is luxurious, whether it’s quality, or whether it’s something they ultimately want to purchase.

They decide if they wish to buy into that brand, whether to select the item, whether they believe it’s inferior or something they don’t want to buy at all.

Therefore, it needs to develop a brand that communicates what people wants and want to obtain from the product.

Is the product offering something luxurious that will enhance their lifestyle? Like a luxury watch?

Is the branding giving over the sense that they are an established brand and that the business is very good at what they do?

Is it something memorable that even if they don’t want to buy that item right now, they will remember your business a year down the line?

Therefore, We can develop brand guidelines and a company logo for your business.

Inspirational and aspirational

Just as car brands tap into exactly what customers want, some heavily advertise that they are very reliable cars, others advertise that they are luxurious brand through the T.V and YouTube advertisements, and some advertise that they are the pinnacle of engineering and, therefore, can be considered “super cars”.

Your brand must communicate exactly what your business can offer; It must clearly understand what type of market you are going after, and what kind of sales point you are trying to convey.

Therefore, we will need to get to know your brand, what it offers, and what it says to the customer.

Set apart from the crowd

Fizzy pop, construction companies or whether its a clothing brand, every business sector today is mostly a crowded market place, with huge amounts of competition- this is exactly why your company website and logo needs to stand out from the crowd. This is why so many businesses in Wales come to W&P because we design amazing websites, our web designers / web developers can design a website with starting price of just £950.00.

Your business is likely to face a huge amount of competitors and many start-up businesses are entering the marketplace every year. So, your business will need to differentiate itself from the crowd, if you want your business to stand out contact W&P.

Get to know you

A good digital marketing company should be able to get a good grasp on your business offers very quickly.
For example, has your business been trading for, say, over 35 years? Have you got people in your company who know every single thing about that product? Does your business have a unique selling point? This should be incorporated into logo design so that your company is memorable and your business can be trusted.

Logo creation

Therefore, whether it’s a construction company setting up in Cardiff for a dental practice, come to us for branding, logo design and website design. We have over ten years of experience in helping businesses improve their brand awareness through creating brilliant quality company logos. If your business wants to enhance its marketing in Cardiff, we are most definitely the company to call.
Initially, we started just building WordPress websites. However, companies branched out into all forms of digital marketing and we have helped businesses to expand.

Our Service
Our Work

We can design a fantastic company logo for your business.

Often, when businesses come to us for a new website, they will be a start-up business.

Therefore, they usually not have a company logo designed, and therefore wont have had their company branding designed yet. However, we can arrange for all of this for your business as well. We can create a brand-new website and a company logo designed for your business.

Our Work

Company branding

When you come to W&P, we don’t just design quality websites; we can also help your company create brand guidelines as well.

We can, therefore, design a company logo, and help your company create brand guidelines as well, such as which help you to choose which colours should be used on your company website, your company car, and your business cards, so the colours all exactly match with all of your businesses advertising.


Affordable website design

Therefore, when you come to us, we can design an affordable website for your business because we can design the seven-page brochure website using WordPress for just 950.


Therefore, when you come to us, we can design an affordable website for your business because we can design the seven-page brochure website using WordPress for just 950.

If you run a start-up business here in Wales, you might want us to design a brand-new logo and a new company website.

We can design a brand new website for just £950. We can design a brochure website for your business.

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Quality websites built in Wales

Therefore, if your business wants a brand-new website designed or perhaps you want brand guidelines created as well, we can do this for you. We can take care of everything for you, from designing your company logo through to helping your business improve its seo every month.

We already have vast experience working with many Welsh businesses, so why not get a quote from our web design company today?

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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