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mobile web design services

It is super essential today that your company website works on everything from an Apple iPhone through to a tablet; for this to happen, your website designers often need to design a responsive website.

Some web designers charge extra to design a mobile version or a responsive version of the website.

However, we include this in our fixed cost; this is another reason why so many businesses come to us to get their website designed.


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Apple and Android

We will design a website for your company that will work on Apple and Android smartphones.

Responsive websites

We can design a responsive website, which means that your company website will work on everything from a smartphone through to a tablet.

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About Brooklyn
"With over 50% of shoppers now buying products and services on their smartphones, it is more important than ever that your website is responsive. Our web developers can build a responsive version of your company website."

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Our Service

Our websites work brilliantly on all smartphones such as Android and all I-Phones

Today, whether you are an emergency plumber or a lawyer, your WordPress website must work brilliantly on all smartphones. Therefore, you will want your company website that works on all Android smartphones as well as all Apple iPhones. The cost of making your company website responsive, will be always be included in our quote.

Therefore, we can design a mobile-ready website that works on all smartphones for just £950

Getting to know your business quickly

Some web design businesses might spend forever and a day during in the initial planning stage trying to get to know your business. Because we can design and build so many websites and we have been doing this for so long, we have, down to fine art, the ability to get to know you and your business quickly.

Brochure websites designed and built from £950

We can design a brand-new brochure website, which will often be completed often in less than a month, and we can offer a starting price for brochure CMS websites starting from 950.

Highly skilled web designers

However, the main reason why so many people come to our web design business, that is everyone from sole traders through to large companies, is because we have highly skilled PHP web designers.

Our web developers can design any type of website. We design e-commerce and very high-quality brochure websites.

mobile web design services

It’s now widely thought that roughly half of the shoppers who visit any company website do so through their smartphone or tablet. Web design calls these mobile devices. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you have a mobile version of your website designed and free to look absolutely brilliant.

Responsive Web design

here at WP, we can design a fantastic responsive website. This means you only have to pinch to zoom in to read a particular text, and the website will automatically be signed to whatever device it’s loaded onto. Whether this is a tablet phone or a desktop computer, the website’s different version is shown on a mobile device and another version for the desktop version.

Mobile SCO

for a long time now, G has used mobile-first indexing. This doesn’t sound very easy, but all it means is that G first looks at the mobile version of your website before it considers the desktop version. Therefore, if it is a priority that your website ranks well in G, you must have a well-designed mobile version of your website.

call to action

whether somebody is browsing to buy a brand-new pair of running trainers or requires professional search services from a solicitor, they will most likely view many websites before they make a purchase. Your website needs to be well-designed and have calls to action.

Marketing companies often refer to these as CTAs. The text needs to be nicely split into manageable chunks so you can easily read it. Then, it would be best to persuade the shopper to contact the business, perhaps signing up for a newsletter or simply filling in the forms so a sales representative can ring them back.

The healthy time and time-on-site

this is one of the most important reasons to hire the right web design agency. Companies out there can sign together a website for as little as £300, but you have to consider your business dwell time, also referred to as time on-site.

So, what do we mean by this? Simply put, you Want to keep shoppers on your website longer, not just because they’re more likely to purchase a product. The other reason you want to keep shoppers on your website longer is that it can improve your business’s SCO.

Basically, if shoppers spend on your website, let’s say, 10 minutes, and on your direct competitor’s websites, there are only spending less than, say 60 seconds browsing the page, then G will see more business is more relevant for that keyword or search term will stop so for example if you keep somebody on your website for longer and you are a solicitor, and you deem to be more likely a relevant website for that particular product or service therefore this can help to improve your SCO

Cardiff web design

therefore, we have extensive experience building well-designed websites with brilliant desktop and mobile versions of the website. These websites, therefore, offer a fantastic UX that is short for user experience, helping to enhance the company’s brand and keep shoppers on the website for longer. They also offer very competitive prices to build content management systems.

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Our Work

Mobile website design

We have experience building quality brochure and e-commerce websites on smartphones and tablets.

Our Work

Responsive websites

All of the websites that we design and build can work on smartphones.


High-quality websites designed from £950

We are busy bees designing many high-quality brochure websites throughout the entire year because we offer a starting price of just £950, for a brochure website, which is substantially lower than some other website designers in Cardiff.


Brilliant websites

We can design a brilliant website for your business. Most of our websites we build and design are brochure websites, these can be completed often in less than one month. This is why many companies in Wales come to us for website design.

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Why it's so crucial that your website is responsive design for mobile smartphones

Many shoppers, whether they’re buying a brand-new central or a microwave online, will be using their smartphone or tablet to do so. Often, the shopper will be tired after a long day at work, so they might be looking for a company that can offer next-day delivery on these items online.
Therefore, they might shop on an e-commerce website on their smartphone because it is often more convenient for them to do so after work.

So whether the shopper is looking for a local dentist or perhaps they are looking for a local accountant, you must have a perfect, well-designed mobile version built for your website. It would be best if you were responsive; you might even want an AMP accelerated mobile page website designed so it loads lightning fast.

Therefore, if you want the website to work on Android devices and also Apple iPhones, website designers and developers, when you build the website, say, PHP, might offer a quote to create desktop and mobile versions.

Undoubtedly, you will need two versions built, but you might not necessarily want to pay a hefty sum to have a mobile version of the website design. This is why many people come to us: We offer no hidden costs; we provide one fixed price to design desktop and mobile versions of your website simultaneously.
There therefore

Therefore, your website works if somebody is shopping for a brand-new lawnmower for their garden to look at while waiting at the bus stop. You will be fully responsive and work brilliantly on mobile and desktop. We create unique websites; we do this at affordable prices.

We don’t just build WordPress websites; we can also design them in Drupal or another content management system.

High-quality websites designed for just £950.00

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