Construction Website Design: Things to consider when building a new website for a construction business

June 29, 2024
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June 29, 2024

Construction Website Design: Things to consider when building a new website for a construction business



As we all know, the construction sector is fiercely competitive. Whether you’re a builder, plant hire company or tradesman, you will be competing with hundreds of other businesses in a capital city like Cardiff.


Two things are crucial for a construction business to not just survive but thrive in this competitive sector: a well-designed website that can outshine many of its direct competitors and a reliable SEO partner, be it a freelancer or an agency. These are not just options but necessities in today’s digital landscape.

The benefits of a well-designed website and a robust organic SEO strategy are immense, offering a business the opportunity to generate more sales.

There’s often a vast difference in price between what an SEO agency charges and when comparing that to an SEO freelancer. Yet, in terms of which one to go for, it doesn’t matter as long as that business gets you onto page one of Google.

What truly matters is the quality of the company’s work, as Google’s algorithms are now so fine-tuned, so well-engineered, that if the work is deemed as “spam”, you can get removed from Google in the blink of an eye if the SEO work is completed incorrectly. So, it’s crucial to prioritise quality over price for your website and your SEO strategy.
So, quality is not just a factor; it’s the name of the game.

Your business needs a quality website and a company offering top-notch search engine optimisation services.



Businesses often attract new customers through personal recommendations or online advertising.

A well-designed website plays a pivotal role in the latter, as it can instantly impress potential customers and significantly increase their likelihood of contacting your business.

An overly basic website that doesn’t offer much information will likely put off customers. Also, if the content marketing is not high quality then the business will never get on page one of Google.

When a customer lands on a well-designed website that showcases your business’s capabilities, it can significantly enhance your chances of acquiring new customers. However, companies often opt for super cheap web design services, leading to a poorly designed websites with slow loading times and unengaging content and means they cant rank well in Google’s organic results.

It’s important to note that paying a high price for a website does not guarantee quality neither. However, on the flip side, choosing a web designer solely based on their low prices can lead to subpar results.

Consider this: how much time can a web designer can spend designing a website, if the designer is offering super cheap prices to design the website? Therefore, you might end up with a very basic website.


Where will your customers be coming from?

When a new business is launched, the business will often have written a detailed business plan.

Part of this business plan will detail how it plans to market itself. Often, at the core of this will be what the company plans on spending on digital advertising. Therefore, a website often isn’t like purchasing office furniture, where the quality of the desk, chairs, or the canteen table doesn’t really matter to the running of the business, as long as it all works, right?

However, a website is different; sometimes, it can mean the difference between the business thriving or possibly even the failure of the business, if the company is solely reliant on their website to generate income.

If a website doesn’t have a good design, Google’s algorithms will quickly notice that the bounce rate is high. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a website without visiting another page. A high bounce rate, which can be caused by factors such as slow loading times, spammy content marketing, or poor web design, this can all negatively impact your SEO ranking.

As soon as Google notices that the bounce rate is high for a sustained period, it’s likely that Google will start to move that business down Google’s organic ranks.


And therefore, this is why you need to have a website designed that offers the following:

– Well designed, looks impressive, will make the right initial impression with your customers
– Has a low bounce rate
– Has high-quality content marketing, which follows the advice of Google E-EAT
– Has a good layout, where each distinct service/product has its page
– Has good on-page SEO
– Has good off-page SEO
– Is very quick- the web design company are using a website hosting company that offers fast hosting
– A well-designed mobile version of the website has to be designed

And the list goes on and on.
So, our motto here at this web design business is simple: often, if you pay cheap, you end up paying twice.


Be helpful

What’s crucial, especially since Google’s Helpful Content update and Google E-EAT, is that the information on your company website helps your customers.

This can be achieved in many different ways. It could be something as simple as a well-written product description, a blog post that answers common customer questions, or a video tutorial demonstrating the benefits of owning a product. It could, therefore, be YouTube videos with a company employee explaining the benefits of owning that product or a series of FAQ-style answers on a page.

When you offer, helpful, and well-written advice, you find that the bounce rate within Google Analytics can decrease, the time spent on the site can increase, and therefore its more likely your business will obtain more quality backlinks.

Now, if you do get quality backlinks, let’s say from a reputable source like the BBC, these can quite supercharge your business’s SEO and get your company can get ranked higher on Google. Quality backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site. When reputable sites link to your site, it signals to search engines that your site is trustworthy and authoritative, which can boost your SEO.


It has to be fast
The website needs to be fast, this is important consideration when designing a website, whether for a plumbing business that may only employ a handful of people or you run a multi-national brand with thousands of employees. There are many ways to improve the speed of your company website; one is to obtain an AMP or accelerated mobile page, but you may not want this.

One of the best ways to improve the speed of your company website is to choose fast and high quality website hosting simply.

Fast hosting is normally more expensive, yet how fast your website is an important factor when deciding how good your companies SEO is.

Pick a web design business that has created websites for companies in the same business sector.

Now, you might have a direct competitor; where you like there website design

Yet, at the bottom of that website, there will typically be a link to the web design company’s website in the footer.

So, it’s worth calling that web design company and explaining that you want a bespoke website built.

That web design company may well be better able to understand your business sector because they have already built a website for a direct competitor of yours.


Responsive websites
We think that the upward trend of more and more people buying services and products from their mobile phones will only continue and increase as smartphones have become so much more convenient for purchasing items form. Therefore, whichever web design agency you hire, ensure that the price that they quote for the web design, is a price to make the website “responsive”.

This definitely needs to be included within the web design quote. Also, monitor the mobile and desktop version bounce rate, if it’s very high, then do make design improvements to try and lower that bounce rate.


Homepage design

It’s imperative that your construction website instantly communicates exactly what size construction projects you take on. A good way of doing this is having an auto loading video on the homepage, which shows the typical type of buildings that you build. Whether that be a single house, or a multi storey block of offices.

Now, often, customers make a snap decision on whether they want to stay on our website. You have seconds therefore to convey what your business can offer.
Simple to use the main menu

Regardless of whether your construction company or another business, it’s imperative that the main menu works flawlessly and simply on your company website.

It should allow shoppers, with minimal amount of clicks, to get the page they want to find.
Therefore, it is crucial that the main menu is well-designed and works brilliantly on a sale iPhone or, let’s say, another Android smartphone.


Keep your construction website updated

When you look at the multinational, really large construction companies, they often regularly release regular news articles onto their website. A good reason for this is to promote their business and the new construction contracts that they have taken on. But at the same time, the business is also improving its organic search engine optimisation.

So, before you agree to a web design quote, consider whether you need help improving your business’s SEO as well. Some web developers don’t offer this service, so you might want to choose a digital marketing agency that does.


Social media icons, Facebook, X and also LinkedIn

Your construction company may have several construction projects that you are working on at this moment in time.
With this in mind, you will want to keep your visitors to your website updated on the latest construction projects that you are undertaking in Wales.

Therefore, the social media icons, such as your Facebook or your businesses LinkedIn account, or X account, should be prominently displayed on the website’s header section.

Therefore, you can readily post on your social media accounts, and visitors your company website can visit your companies social media accounts, and see what work your construction company or demolition company is completing at the moment.


Come to a highly experienced company

We have highly experienced web designers, SEO consultants, and copywriters, web developers and social media managers all under one roof.

With prices starting from just £950 its clear to see why so many businesses in Cardiff hire us to get their website designed.
Come to us, a highly experienced web design agency

So whether you are a plumber or running one of the country’s biggest construction companies, it would be great to speak to you about how you would like your website to be designed.


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