How should we go about choosing a web designer for our construction/demolition business?

June 24, 2024
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June 24, 2024

How should we go about choosing a web designer for our construction/demolition business?


As all builders, demolition companies and tradespeople know, it’s fiercely competitive for work. For example, if somebody wants something as simple as a property single-storey extension added to their home, they may go out and get many quotes.

For builders, demolition companies, and tradespeople, it’s not just about surviving in a fiercely competitive market but thriving. A well-designed website is a powerful tool that cannot only set you apart from the competition but also showcase your business’s unique strengths, instilling confidence in potential clients and making you proud of your business.

Therefore, This article is aimed at builders, construction companies and demolition companies to give some food for thought to what you need to think about when hiring a local web designer to design a new website for your business.


Must be mobile-ready / well-designed responsive website

When looking for local builders or tradespeople, people may sit on their sofas looking for a local company. However, it’s crucial to note that they will most likely be using their smartphone or Apple tablet to find a local business. This underscores the immediate necessity of having a mobile-ready website, making it a top priority for your business.

When customers shop for a local building company, the website must be fast, easy to use, and answer all the questions they are likely to have about having a loft conversion built.

When customers shop for a local building company, the website must be fast, easy to use, and answer all the questions they are likely to have about having a loft conversion built. This is where the importance of a responsive and well-built website comes into play. It’s not just about having an online presence, but about offering a superior user experience that reassures your potential clients and sets you apart from the competition. So, what often separates the cheap websites, built for £500.00, from the better quality websites is that sometimes the web designers can spend more time improving the website’s U.X. so that the website offers more quality information, more helpful information, which may translate to the company making an increased amount of sales.


Each service should have its own page.

This is critical if your business wants to improve its search engine optimisation (SEO) later. SEO is not just a buzzword but a crucial element that can significantly impact your online visibility and, consequently, your business’s success. Some web designers may offer super low prices to design a one-page website, yet we wouldn’t recommend one for a construction or demolition business, and we shall now explain why that is so.

A construction company often offers various services, such as building a loft conversion, property extensions, or a brand-new house.

Therefore, it is essential that the web designers you hire set out each service on its page. This helps us to improve the business’s search engine optimisation, as Googlebot can crawl and index each page, and because each service has its very own page, the H1-H6 tags, the meta title, meta description, alt text, and much more can all be optimised for each distinct service that your business offers. So, for example, a whole page can optimised for, say, “loft conversions”, “roof replacement”, or, let’s say “, property extensions”.


Well designed

Often, a shopper looking for, say, a demolition business or a construction company to hire will decide in a matter of a few seconds whether they wish to stay on that website or leave. Often, this comes down to the design of the website. A poorly designed website that’s just very hard to use or a website that looks dated or overly basic, well, these are the websites that have sky-high bounce rates, which is very bad for the business’s search engine optimisation, as Google’s algorithms will detect that the bounce rates are very high. The company may move down Google’s SERPs.


Content marketing

We highly recommend picking a web design agency in Cardiff that can also offer copywriting services. Whether you want the text written for the website when it’s initially designed or perhaps you want to partner with the web design company for their assistance in writing monthly blog posts, hiring web designers with copywriters in-house is crucial.

Writing text, say 2,000-word blog posts, is massively time-consuming. Therefore, you need to hire web developers with in-house copywriters who can help write evergreen content marketing, blog posts, or product descriptions.

Remember that since the Google E-EAT updates, it’s now more important than ever to write high-quality, 100% original content marketing that shouldn’t be copied and pasted from another website.


The content marketing, therefore, should be:

-100% Original

– Well written

– Written by an expert

– The author should understand Google E-EAT


How we can help:

Construction web design

If your business operates in the construction sector, we can design a well-designed website. Prices for a brochure website start from £950.00. Welsh web designers designed and built all our websites in Wales.


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